It's not the end of the world...

Every day, I wake up at the b*tt crack of dawn (6am). I drag my tired self out of bed...stumble down the stairs and make lunches for the kiddos. They wake up and bark their breakfast orders while I do by best diner chef impersonation. My least favorite part of the morning is getting them dressed.

They kinda can get themselves dressed...but that doesn't mean they do it:/

Long story short...when all is said and done, I drag them about a mile in a red Radio Flyer wagon, while they beat on each other the entire way...I'm living the dream I tell ya....I'm not complaining, because I know one day, I will miss these times, but that's getting too mushy, so I'm gonna stay on point and tell you what happened this morning.

I hauled my wagon back home, crawled back into bed, and busted out my trusty Macbook Pro. (I heart it SO much), work, work...on sites, Photoshop, and Illustrator...when "ding" a text message...I love text's like someone giving me a piece of candy:P

I look over at my ancient, decaying Black Berry...Remember when I loved it? Was that really so long ago???

Anyway, I check the message...and it's a number...not a contact. What the? I scrolled through my messages...and they were ALL numbers!

Like...out of Black Berry decided to just purge my entire address book!

Before you I didn't back it up...I didn't even know you could back it up!?!

Bottom line...YOU Janis from Vail, The Bro, and your wife, Mom (your cell and work number), oh yes Dad you are on the list to (home and cell), Sissy...I feel like I'm accepting an Academy Award...who am I forgetting??? TEXT ME YOUR NAME, so I can add you back into my phone!

Remember when you actually knew people's phone numbers? neither:P


  1. I liked how you put the plea out on twitter for names this morning -- I envisioned you getting a flood of strangers texting you. "susie," "janie," biff,"

    Yes, that's right. Your twitter friends are from 1960. In my mind. Which is, you know, cracked.

  2. I don't even know my husbands cell number - either of them - or his office phone number. If my iPhone died, I would seriously be up a creek.

  3. You can back up your phone? Who knew?


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