#78 Belle of the ball

Daily Chuck...

I think I'm turning into crazy cat lady:/

Kiddos spent the day at their Grandparent's, which meant I had a RARE day off! I caught up on some blog design work...did some billing...created a logo...and of course...

Put a necklace on my cat and took a picture. It's crazy! It's crazy that I dug through my jewelry drawer, looking for a necklace that would look good on Mr. Smokey...something with a little bit of contrast, but would be bulky enough to show on the picture. Then I did my cat call to bring Smokey running to me...

"Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty!" (I do this like a pig caller, you know, in a high pitched voice really fast.)

Yes Mr Smokey...it has come to this...you live with crazy cat lady.

I blame you:/


  1. I am the same, sitting here editing pics of our cat, ThatPearl, and posting them on my blog as we speak.

    We're nuts.

  2. Did you sing "I feel pretty" to him? :D

  3. Ha! You forgot to mention that you also got the lighting just right! :-) Way cute kitty, you just want to reach out and pet him!

  4. I am a crazy cat lady. It's not all bad. That photo is gorgeous!

  5. I do think Smokey is starting to enjoy this.

  6. Well, your cat may think you're a bit loopy, but I think you camera skills are getting to be very refined. This picture has got some zortz. Penache. And it's very, very, good.

  7. That's okay. I'm a crazy cat lady, too! LOL


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