Leprechaun trapping

I don't remember much about this Holiday as a child.

I mean sure...I remember drawing four leaf clovers, and wearing green for fear of getting pinched...but I don't remember Leprechaun traps...Did we do this??? I don't think so:/
My kiddos truly believe a Leprechaun is coming to our house tonight to leave them goodies...and they are trying to trap him;P

Miss Peach's letter on her/hat trap says: 

     Please do come in. 
This is the Leprechaun play place!!!
Have fun!
So now...it's off to the Walgreen's to get goodies...and channel my inner Leprechaun;)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


  1. my child is still sad that she didn't catch a leprechaun. i mean, really.

  2. Anything for free candies, eh?

    So. Did she catch one?


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