Just skip to the end...

 ...and look at the shoes.

I took the kiddos to Dairy Queen for the first time today.
Yes, I agree it is a little weird that they are 4 and 5, and they've never been to a DQ. Especially when you consider the fact that I worked at one in high school (not a good experience, ask me about that later.)
 Yeah, it didn't take them long to figure out that this version of a Blizzard was a good thing:P
...And then...the stop taking my picture face:/

We followed the sugar high, with a trip to the park to run things off...




A woman wearing these...
This is at the park y'all!!! It was like watching a giraffe navigate through all the children...

I kid you not, she could barely balance on them...I'm hoping she had spare shoes in her bag...or else it's gonna be a LONG walk home;P


  1. They'd look nicer if they weren't a wedge heel. Kind of makes them look funny.

  2. Bwahahaha! How do you take pictures of people without them noticing? I'm always too chicken.

    p.s. it's later....so tell the DQ story already.

  3. Despite the fact that I grew up literally throwing distance from a DQ, I have not been to one in years, nor has my daughter ever been to one. Now that I have realized the deprived life I am giving her, I will work to rectify that!

    Those shoes are KILLER. And completely ridiculous at the park. I love crazy people.

  4. Hilarious shoes...and I noticed the ski goggles are still being worn...

  5. Love the shoes - but the purple toenails? Given the shoes, one has to hope that's nail polish.

  6. 1. wanna hear the DQ story
    2. LOVE the fire'man' outfit
    3. ouch
    4. HI STRANGER ;-)

  7. Don't really care for the shoes themselves, but as a shoe gal who often gets comments about my penchant for wearing high heels everywhere (my regular summer shoes are a wedge-heel sandal and my regular winter shoes are a chunky-heel boot), I gotta say to giraffe lady, "Respect."

  8. Also, it may be warmER, but it was still pretty chilly for bare toes!

  9. I'd take the firefighter outfit over those shoes any day. And Georgia Mud Fudge? Best. Blizzard. Ever.

  10. Yeah. TOTALLY not park shoes. And we wonder why men sometimes doubt our sanity... ;)

  11. Wow. Those shoes are killer. And in this weather? At the park? Well, like I always say: "Do you." I couldn't do it, but she obviously could and did. :) LOVE the firefighter outfit. We've got a firefighter here too, though sometimes he wants to go out as a dinosaur. I prefer the firefighter costume.


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