Mom sent more pony pictures (I look cold:(
I'm sitting in my town home, listening to the wind's brutal out there:O (photos tomorrow)

For me, it's pretty easy to wait out the storm inside. I always worry about my Mom in the country. Rain or shine, sleet or snow...ponies need to be fed. (I
I worry about Mom, but I don't worry too much about the ponies (I'cause I know...push comes to shove...if it got too cold outside...Mom would bring them in the house;)


  1. They ponies ( I mean horses) do look cold. But I am glad that your mom can bring them in the house if needed.
    Stay warm !

  2. If those are what I think they are, they're accustomed to cold weather. Shetlands, yes?

  3. Minis (miniature horses). These mares are all about 34 inches tall. The best I can do for them in weather like this is provide the best hay and warm water. Yes, all my horses have buidlings to go in but they don't always stay in the building. They have automatic waterers with heaters so the warm actually melts snow and ice. Once the wind and snow stops tmorrow they will be romping around in the snow like last night did not happen.

  4. Okay. There is NO way I could NOT comment on this post. Holy shit sister. Those ponies - I mean, horses, look COLD!!!! I do NOT know HOW you do it. I would simply die in that cold.

    Happy 2011 and uh, let's chat sometime...


  5. I'll stop calling them ponies if you post more photos of them! LOVE!

  6. Oh my goodness. They are cutie pies! Can I have one? Poor babies do look cold.


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