Snowpocalypse snow? We do.
We had something I didn't even know existed...Thunder Snow. It was a full on thunderstorm equipped with 40-50mph winds! This is a main Chicago drag...and NO ONE is on it. (Except for me...and look closely, there's a guy on a bike coming down the street!)
This is Chicago...and all I can see is SNOW! (No city, just snow) So. Weird!
Kiddos were off school today, and I'm hearing they've already canceled for tomorrow. It's gonna take us a few days to dig out...and these folks, will never see their cars again;)


  1. Oh my goodness. I was wondering if you had ventured to Lake Shore at all with your photo hunt... saw a TON of pics today of all the cars stranded.

    Crazy storm - let's hope it doesn't happen again for another 30+ years.

  2. Reading all of the tweets over the last couple of days, it sounds like you guys got hammered! Mother Nature, she can be a fearsome broad sometimes. I'll bet the kids are LOVING it!

    Love that there was a guy out riding a bike in that!

  3. That new camera and you are making one helluva great pair. That first photo? AMAZING.

  4. We did not get this much snow! Wow! Just wow! Are you having fun with it? Or is it sheer insanity?


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