It's a horse

I woke up this morning to Miss Peach jumping on top of me and yelling "HUG!!!"

Then I did what I always do...reached over and checked my emails on the cell phone. I don't know why I do this, it's not like I'm all important. Still, gotta catch up on whatever design opportunity I might have missed while I was sleeping:-O

There was an email from my Mom. I read it to Miss Peach...something about moving this pony to that pen, or trimming that pony's hooves and something about feeding them or eating...What, it was early, and I was tired! (I'm saying "pony" which drives my Mom crazy since actually, they are "Mini Horses", and she will tell me that every time I say it:/)

Miss Peach listened intently as I read her the email, then I said, "There is a picture...would you like to see it?"

Who passes on pictures of ponies...NO ONE! I clicked attachment...
 ...and up pops this.

Miss Peach grabbed my cell phone and hugged it, and hugged it, and hugged it. *sigh* I wish we lived closer to Grandma's Pony Farm (I know, I know..."Mini Horse")

Pioneer Woman ain't got nuthin' on me;)


  1. When I hear mini horse...I think of Rob and Big and that horse running around the living room. My 4 yo has developed a love of horses. My little ponies(mini horses:)) are taking over my house.

  2. My mom has 2 mini horses and I love how fuzzy they get in the winter. They look like teddy bear horses. When we go visit her, I love watching them play in the snow and take pictures of them. And its all fun and games until I shock myself on the electric fence. LOL

  3. My friend's mom raises and breeds them. It is like your very own My Little Pony. Great picture! Horse blogger.....

  4. I want a pony, I mean, mini horse.

  5. Makes me want to snuggle your phone, too. What a gorgeous animal!

  6. That is such a beautiful mini Horse !!
    Even if it was a p o n y I would want it !

  7. That may be the cutest animal I've ever seen. I WANT ONE SO BAD!!

    Seriously, how gorgeous is that little thing??

  8. Goodness! I wished I lived closer to Grandma's Pony Farm.

  9. Wait, so a "pony" and a "mini horse" are not the same thing? And what about a baby horse? What's that called? Your blog is so educational! xo

  10. There is a lot of debate about what the difference is between a pony and a mini. I go with if it is under 38" it can be registered as a miniature horse with AMHR. A miniature horse can be registered as both a Shetland and a mini if the parents were both registered Shetland ponys. There is the AMHA registy that requires the mini be 34" and under. A mini who is taller than 38" can be registered as an American Show Pony.
    The height measurement is at the last hairs of the mane at the withers.

  11. Oh, by the way...big boy there (Foxfires Picture Perfect) is 30.5" inches at the last hairs of the mane.
    If you look at the photo, the far front hoove is about how tall the mini is.


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