Proof...that you can't take me anywhere

Here's how this is gonna work...

I'm hiding this post behind cute pictures of what I did with the kiddos this weekend (camera practice)...

This story is SO ridiculous, and I almost (almost) can't believe I did it...

I feel the need to 'fess up on the blog...but I'm banking on most of you NOT reading and just looking at the pretty goes...
I went to a party on Thurs. night. There were many cool bloggy peeps there. (I'm not linking to it right now...because I don't want to get busted...on what I said, and who I said it to...although it's not too bad...just kinda ridiculous:P)
I got a bit drunky drunk. (Which happens very quickly for me, since I never drink:/)

What is that area called...where they have a backdrop with sponsor logos...and it's all lit up...and they take your picture??? It's like the party version of the "kiss and cry" area in skating. (Why do I know the skating word for it and not the regular word? Sometimes I think I need to seek professional help.)
Anyways...I'm in the kiss and cry area, and I start up a conversation with a photographer girl about Nikons and how much I'm hating on my 50mm lens, and what kind of lens is she shooting with...blah...blah...blah...

She says: "You should come check out our studio."

She then points out her studio.

I need to interject here and explain that a million years ago...when Husband and I were "on a break" he had a fling a ring ding with a photographer from said studio. My drunken self proceeded to say this...
"Oooohhhh, you know my Husband." (Why would I even go there???)

She said: "Really, who is your Husband?"

I said: "George Clooney." (No I didn't really say George Clooney, he's just my blog husband.)

She said: "No...I don't know him."

I said: " do."

She said: "No...I don't."

Then my drunken, ridiculous self said: "You totally slept with my Husband. It's OK though, 'cause it was a hundred years ago, and we were on a break." (I really liked her, and it SO didn't bother me that she was the fling a ring ding girl from a million years ago...really, it didn't.)
Long story short...we figured out that this poor sweet photographer really didn't know George Clooney. I totally had the wrong studio, and not only had she never slept with George Clooney...she had never even met him. (So, not only am I drunk, but I have no idea what I'm talking about...shocking...not:P)

Needless to say..."You totally slept with my Husband." became the mantra for the night...

True story...ask Savvy Sassy Andrea...

*shaking my head* No wonder I never get invited to can't take me anywhere...


  1. Man, now I'm even more bummed I couldn't make it to the event!

    Ha ha ha ha :-)

  2. You made me laugh, like really in life, outloud and stuffs....

    and I could totally see this happening...

  3. hahahahaha!!!!
    I think I was standing near there when you were talking to her. I was WONDERING what you were talking about; it looked like an interesting convo! :)

  4. I am going to use this at the next boring Embassy party we go to ...
    Hello, My name is C and you totally slept with my husband, didn't you ?

  5. That was all KINDS of awesome! I am so pissed I didn't go. I LOVE a drunk Cynthia!

  6. Hilarious story. I'm so bummed I couldn't make it on Thursday. I DID, however, see the REAL George Clooney on Wednesday night. At a hotel in Cincinnati. Hot damn.

  7. First the conservatory flower show photos are gorgeous! Second, your story is so funny!

  8. first off those are really cute pictures but I DID read your story. That is too stinkin hilarious!

  9. ALL true! "You totally slept with my husband!" was the mantra for the night and my jaw dropped and I said "You didn't!?" and Nap said "Yes, I totally did!"

    I had a blast danicing like a maniac with you and then eating greasy pizza - you are a TON of FUN!


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