#74 A change of heart

Daily Chuck...

OK ya'll (I don't remember why I reserve the right to use "ya'll" I just do...OK?) SO...OK ya'll, I've been slacking on The Smokey Chuck, and I'll tell you why...

I'm in a fight with my camera.

Well not exactly with my camera...more my 50mm lens. He and I have broken up...and I'm selling him on Ebay:/

Here's the deal...I got talked into saving a bit of dough and buying the Nikon 50mm f1.8d. The darn thing doesn't auto focus with the D3100.

Like a complete sucker/victim, I totally bought it when the camera guy said "You should totally buy this one, you'll save money, and in the end, it will make you a better photographer."


Why did I listen to him?!? All I really do is take a lot of pictures that are out of focus:/

SO...now I'm selling this lens since I'm so mad at it.

Straight up...I'm all kinds of confused on what the heck lens I should be using with the new camera...and I'm going cross eyed trying to figure it out...but I will.

Now you know about the battle...and I'm gonna win. I'm thinking Smokey will not be happy once I get this all straightened out...


  1. I just used whatever lens was on our Nikon at any given time because while I am sometimes a decent photographer, I am a crap technical photographer ... just let me point the thing and shoot, okay?
    Smokey looks like this is something that goes on frequently at his house .. kisses, kisses , kisses !!

  2. Someone must have listened to Angry Julie is one of her ranty phone calls...

  3. I have no idea on the lens, but I love those sweet Valentine friends!

  4. cute!!! i have convinced myself I don't see clearly enough to be trusted to manual focus! whatever the reason, I wouldn't be able to live without auto focus for sure.

    it was great meeting you last night at the sassy moms event!!


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