Zoo lights...volume II

When you live two blocks away from the zoo...you find yourself at the zoo lights...many...many...times.
Gotta say...If it weren't so dang cold...I might find myself going every night.
I was a bit surprised how obsessed The Little Man was with the ice sculpting. I hope he won't be wanting power tools for Christmas. Those guys do amazing things with chainsaws...CHAINSAWS! I had no idea they ice sculpted with chainsaws...

...and then I saw him...
my new love...his name is Ghost.

He's a 6 1/2 year old Newfoundland.

Here's a little known fact about me...I grew up with a Newfoundland. Just the best. Dog. EVER.

When I saw Ghost...I immediately asked if I could take a picture with him. Thank goodness his owner was really cool, 'cause I hate it when a really cool dog has a buzz kill of an owner:(

She was cool, and a Nikon user, so she snapped this pic. no problem.*

*Don't you love The Little Man peaking from behind my shoulder? Funny little guy=)


  1. I've never been one for lights, but those trees are amazing. And I just want to cuddle that sweet pup while sipping a mug of hot chocolate!

  2. Growing up, I had a Border Collie/Newfie cross and he was awesome. Awesome! Man, I miss that dog.

  3. When you ask to have your picture taken with strange dogs, that's a pretty good sign that it's time for you to get your own dog. Just sayin'. ;-)

  4. I had a Newfoundland for about a week. He was given to me by a moron.
    I lived in San Francisco and in those days, the bus driver let me take the dog on the bus - picture that !
    Thank goodness, though, the moron wanted him back. The dog was bigger than I.
    They are the sweetest huge slobbering pups...

  5. I know you would love a Newfie like Lilliput, but I believe all the stairs in your home would not be good for such a large dog.

    Better to focus on something small...say a Schipperke or a Scotty like Major.

  6. P. S.
    Love the photo of Newfie...and great name if he is as gray as you say.
    Little Man looks a little shy, how did he like the doggie?

  7. You and the dog look happy, but the best part of the photo is the little man hiding behind you. What a great photo!

  8. Chainsaws and blue lights and doggies, oh my!

  9. DUDE, umm your photography of the lights is awesome!!!! Clapping hands loudly. I hope you enjoy your six miles today.

  10. So glad to see you're not turning in to a crazy cat lady. LOL BTW, I love Christmas light displays!! Awesome photos. ;)


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