#62 Dress up!

Daily Chuck...

First you let her kiss me, then you let her ride me like a horse, and now you're trying to dress me in her clothes? If I were you I wouldn't go to sleep tonight.

Truthfully...judging by the look on his face...I am a little scared to sleep tonight:-O


  1. Caption: The Pose-able Pussy Contemplates Revenge!!

  2. That is one pissed off cat ... but he looks good in yellow!

  3. You should be scared. I'm sending Smokey the link for ASPCA and the phone number of a good human lawyer LOL

  4. Yes, he looks like he has reached his limit, his last straw, the final insult .. putting a little yellow dress on him ... for shame.
    I think he would have looked much better in blue :)

  5. Hilarious. I don't think yellow is his color.


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