Boogie woogie Santa

The Little Man wanted SO badly to go check out the Zoo Lights tonight.

It was SO cold, but SO worth it! I love me some Zoo Lights. Should you find yourself in the city...bundle up, and go check this out...

Did I mention it's free? Yeah, it's FREE!

My favorite part is the Christmas tree light show at the seal pool. I love it so much, I took a little video for you...

You're welcome=)

*Should you make it to the end, listen for Miss Peach "Mommy, are you done with your video?" Such a little cutie!


  1. I love at the end when Miss Peach asks if you are done with the video... too cute!! And I know what you mean with the COLD - BRRR!!!

  2. Were the Seals clapping ?
    Love the video, Love Miss Peach !

  3. Love it! Love the music, too.

    Hope ya'll had an awesome Turkey Day. :)

  4. We love Zoo Lights! I'm glad you enjoyed it too.


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