Dunst watch

New to Dunst watch? Here's the deal...

I all think I'm a nutter McNutterton over this Dunst watch thing....It. Absolutely. Fascinates. Me.

I didn't even take these pics. Sissy took two of them, and her friend Ellen took the other one.

So, what I'm telling you is...I now have minions working the Dunst watch!

Not to mention the fact that I logged on to Twitter the other day to find this from Draft Queen...
 So now Dunst watch has a theme song...Without further ado...I give you...The Kirsten Dunst Song

The world done gone crazy.


  1. It fascinates me, too! Hope you catch the culprit(s) someday!!

  2. bwahahahaha this whole saga is hilarious!

  3. I'm a little concerned that we aren't privy to some kind of inside information about her that warrants all of this attention. I mean, I myself would never hear about her if not for Dunst Watch- with the exception of having run into that YouTube video the other day. And if Dunst Watch didn't exist, I never would've bothered to click the link OR tweet it. Am I in some deep dark closet of ignorance?


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