Bright lights

Miss Peach is a tough cookie.

I used to worry about school...letting other people's children have access to my little perfect person. Since then...I have figured out that she can take care of herself.

There is one girl, Reba (no her name isn't actually Reba, it's another famous country singer name) has been picking on my Peach:/

On the walk through the frozen tundra home, we had this conversation...

Miss Peach: "Mommy, Reba calls me knucklehead all day. It hurts my feelings:( Why does she do that?"

Me: "Well...some people are just...*big sigh, while thinking*...well, they're just energy sucks."

Miss Peach: "What's an energy suck?"

Me: (I'll admit, I was kinda...well, REALLY winging it here) "Here's the thing...there are two kind of people in the world...bright lights, and energy sucks."

Miss Peach: "What's a bright light?"

Me: " are a Bright light. Bright lights are brilliant, beautiful people who shine happiness wherever they go. Energy sucks are people who bring you down with their negative vibes."

Miss Peach: "Why do Energy sucks do that?"

Me: "I don't know. I think it's because they are jealous of Bright lights. You're job is to switch off Energy sucks whenever you see them."

Miss Peach: "How do you switch 'em off?"

Me: "That's just (reaching up and flipping an imaginary switch) flip the switch, and szwoop, they're off...and you can't hear them anymore."

Miss Peach: (smiling) "I think I can do that."

The next day on the same walk home through the frozen tundra...

Me: "Did you have any trouble with Reba today?"

Miss Peach: "Who? Oh...she wasn't here today."

Me: "Oh"

Miss Peach: "Well, actually, she was here...but I switched her off...and she didn't bother me;)"

I admit right here and now...I was TOTALLY winging this conversation...but I think it worked...that is until I get called in to the office to be told that Miss Peach called Reba an energy suck=O


  1. TrishaYearwood better back off the Bright Light! Hmph! Good job, mom! Isn't so much of the job winging it? :)

  2. Oh that was GOOD !
    You are such a good mom. And Miss Peach is definitely a Bright Light .. thank God for all the little Bright Lights.

    My daughter came home once and told me someone was mean to her.
    I asked her what she did about it.
    She said she punched them.

  3. I love the way you explained it. Sometimes moments of winging it produce the best parental wisdom ever.

  4. I bet the principal who called you into the office was an energy suck, too. Hope you switched her off! =>

  5. It would take a lot to suck the joy and mischief in that perfect face. Good thing you're not letting that happen!

    That is an amazing way to explain things. I love it so much, I'm quoting you in an upcoming post.

  6. you are brillant and I love you! I am so using this. totally!


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