Gobble Gobble

I don't know why this hadn't occurred to me until now...

I'm going to start blogging the kiddos craft projects. I did one before, but what I've realized is...

I can't keep all this stuff, (I can keep some...they come home with more every day) but I want to remember it.

How cute is this turkey table centerpiece Little Man made in preschool? SO. CUTE!

Get this...he named it Gobble Gobble.

Just so you know...currently, Gobble Gobble is sitting at the head of Little Man's bed. I have been informed that under NO circumstances is anyone to eat Gobble Gobble for Thanksgiving;)


  1. very cute and that is a really great idea to blog the kids crafts I might have to do this as well but maybe just do a once a month post of all 4 kids projects?!

  2. Jeez. I hope that isn't a left handed slam at your cooking.

  3. That is spectacular! And I promise not to eat it. For realz.

  4. aww, thats so interesting. I must say that you are very skilled and artistic. The turkey is nice, and so unique. great sharing


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