Haunted gingerbread house

I assisted The Little Man's preschool class today. The project...haunted gingerbread houses =P

This was SO easy, and the kiddos had a ball.

We started with single milk cartons taped to a sheet with tin foil. The it was chocolate frosting time!

I helped my table slather the frosting all over the carton and sheet. Holy kiddos went to town with the candy Batman!
There was not one piece of the area that was not COVERED in candy corn, marshmallow ghosts, chocolate eyeballs, gumdrops, gummy bears, gummy worms, candy pumpkins, sprinkles...

It was a yummy good time. Yes, I dipped pretzels in chocolate frosting...it was gooooood...what of it?

You would have done exactly the same thing;)

*In case you are wondering, yes these are the first pics with the new Nikon D3100 and 50mm f/1.8 lens. I am a bit confused on opening nef files in PhotoshopCS4. They don't seem to be playing well together:/ Why could I do it with the D100? Practice, practice, practice...


  1. Is there any candy that is not on there? How fun! :)

  2. WOW - what fun...now how did they divide it up??? or is it just to LOOK at?

  3. Very cool...gingerbread houses aren't only at Christmas!

  4. I especially like the Eyeballs :)

    It looks like great fun was had by all, I wish there were some little kids around my house ... somehow it just isn't the same with a dog.

  5. Ooooo. New Nikon. Yummy. And a very nice shot. WHAT FOLLOWS IS NOT A CRITICISM - And alternative - that's all. What you might have wanted to do is stop the lens down and run the ISO up a little - to get the same shot with greater depth of field.

  6. I love this idea. I think I'll suggest it to the Daisy troop leader for next year. It's looks like a fun project.

  7. I'm crying a little at all of that inedible candy. Beautiful shot though and I'll bet it was fun to put together!

  8. oooo! New camera? Fun! I have the D3000 and we are starting to get to know each other but he's still out of my league....


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