Dunst watch

New to Dunst watch? Here's the deal...

Cue Twilight Zone music now...

I'm way out of the hood, walking to the bank with Miss Peach. We cross the street, I look at the newsstand, and who is staring back at me???


We are talking WAY. OUT. OF. THE. HOOD!

What is happening to my city?

Is Kirsten Dunst taking over???

Hold me 'til the storm passes...


  1. Okay- that's bizzare. They're branching out! I used to live in Chi-town... say it ain't so! Quick- go to Bucktown and tell us if you see Dunst!

  2. Hah. She can take over MY city anytime.

    KD for Mayor!!!

    Why not? Everybody else is running - and NONE of them look anywhere near as good as she does.


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