Thank you Michael

Let me start by saying...I. Never. Shop.

I used to shop...back in the dark ages...when I was single...and a trader...and making lots of money.

Cut to two kiddos later...and a job as a freelance blog designer...

I was at a blogging function a couple weeks ago. I had on tall boots from...I don't know...the 90's. For some odd reason...everyone else looked they had actually bought their clothes in the 00's:/

Long story quest for a new pair of boots was born...Without further ado...I give you...
Hello Lover=)

Don'cha love'em?

I literally scoured the Internet. Narrowed it down to these Michael Kors, and two Cole Haan's. (All on sale)

I bopped down to Nordstrom's for the try ons. After dealing with the big fat attitude of the shoe man. Can you believe he actually said "Michael Kors does not make a chocolate brown must be mistaken."

"Really attitude shoe man? You might want to tell that to, who happily sold me the Michael Kors chocolate brown boot for...brace yourselves...$121!!!"

I know, right!?! TOTAL BARGAIN...Score one for girl who never shops!
The best part of my new boots...they smell like leather *big inhale*...from the 10's...not the 90's;)


  1. I'm pea green. Green!!! Way to be a savvy shopper.

    Work 'em, hot mama.

  2. fuck you! I mean that in the nicest way possible,just so you know.

  3. MMMM. I love a good leather boot. You know what shoe man would tell you right? Those are cognac. *sniff*

  4. Score !!!!
    I would send a note to the fat attitudey jerk at Nordstroms with a photo .. with a CC to his boss.
    I am in a vengeful mood today :)

  5. Oh BABY! Humina humina humina humina. Yeowza.

  6. :( I'll miss your old boots. The new ones are lovely, though!

  7. awesome - I LOVE boots - hate the cold but love me some boots! hey are you on a new platform here???

  8. Sweet boots and nice work giving the shoe sales guy the what's what!

  9. Those are gorgeous. Now my '98 boots, which looked just fine to me two days ago, will no longer suffice. Must. Buy. New. Boots.


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