Dunst watch

Betcha thought I forgot about our girl?*

I didn't....Our phantom Dunst poster has been TOTALLY slacking=O

For I while, I thought perhaps I killed the Dunster with the Dunst watch:/

Luckily, Sissy just sent me this and saved the day...'cause I know you all were like "Warden, where's my Dunst watch?!?"

*Can we talk about how creepy this pic is??? Like...Ginormahead!


  1. Someone please give her a burger. Let her know the paps are wrong for calling people fat. 8 or 10 lbs. would do her a world of good! That's why her head looks like that.

  2. I dunno. Saw her wolf-down a sub sandwich, once. True story. Also, poor thing looked very sad/angry/tired, which pretty much describes most of my mom friends I guess (+ 8 or 50 lbs.)

  3. I am totally baffled by this. It is crazy. Crazy. Which is why I am glad you have the good sense to share with us.

  4. Belated note that it was great to meet you at M's party. Please know that I don't stalk you! I just checked out your blog bc Mary told me about it, and I love blogging. Let me know if you ever want to talk about expanding your business to nonprofits.



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