Urban Wildlife

As far as I am concerned...winter came this weekend:/

Look at how cold The Little Man is. Look at Miss Peach's hair being blown straight back.

Yes, my kiddos are having jammie day. Jammie day rocks!
Little Man was actually too cold to feed the ducks. He crawled right back in the stroller and pulled his widgie over his lap, and that was that.
Miss Peach...soldiered on...and I would expect nothing less from that girl. She really is a force...
The ducks were most appreciative. I go back and forth on feeding the ducks. We have extra bread crumbs...and the ducks love it so much...but the Park District says "Don't feed the ducks...blah, blah, blah...ecosystem...digestive tracts...words and stuff..."

Are we the devil for feeding the ducks?

I'd like to hope not...
Yes, I shared with the squirrels as well (The Park District says nothing about feeding the squirrels)

When I first moved to the city, people told me that city squirrels were thinner than country squirrels. I have not found this to be the case...

Look at these two...don't they look like the squirrel equivalent to Mr. Smokey?

I don't think there are any meals being skipped:/
Just as fast as they came...

they left.

No socializing with those ducks...they are all business.

Then I went inside my warm little town home to watch The Bears kick some Favre bootay (no cell phone pictures involved...thank goodness)

Was it me, or did The Bears actually look like a football team??? Go figure...


  1. New camera right? Your picture look great!

    I want say your the devil...my husband feels the same way you do. However I was a naturalist at one point in my wacky career path. The bigger problem is that the birds, ducks, squirrels, forgot how to eat their own food because our food (bread) has so many more calories. So our rule is, want to feed the ducks? Leave mom (the wet blanket) at home :-)

    Also, I love that your kids go out on Jammie day. If we have a jammie day, no one leaves the house.

  2. But it makes the ducks so happy:/

    Yeah, you're right...but I'm still going to feed the ducks every once in a while...I'm the devil:P

    Oh, and I have been known to go out in jammies=)

  3. Don't feed the ducks? Blah blah blah, I can't hear you! But the squirrels, the squirrels appear to be mumbling something like, DO NOT even think about putting stuff on our heads lady.

  4. I'm not ready for winter! Though your kiddos do look cold.

  5. The Bears only look good enough to keep everyone from getting fired. When the staff is safe for next year, they start to stink again. It's a tiring pattern for Bears fans.


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