#58 No smoking!

Daily Chuck...

OK...busted. I didn't put an ashtray on Smokey's head. I don't have an ashtray. I thought about going out and buying one...but I don't want one:/

So...I decided to put a soap dish on Mr Joe's head. We were playing the put it on his head, back up to take the pic, snap the shot of it falling off his head...I knew I was over thinking it. "Why am I putting a soap dish on Smokey's head? It just looks ridiculous."

Then Mr. Smokey RAWRED! I laughed and snapped the shot=D*

*We are still an ashtray free home;)


  1. LOLOL! Oh Smokey. You are theeeee BEST!!

  2. See?? That's why I don't have cats in my home. How on earth can you live with a creature that walks around with an attitude that seems to say "If I wanted to, I could have you for lunch"?

  3. Oh, that's an awesome picture. The light is fabulous, as is the texture of the fur.


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