My kinda town

I took the new camera on the road today.

We are literally coming to the last sunny days in Chicago for the next few months:/

I know you think I'm exaggerating...I wish I was. We can literally go a month without seeing the sun:(
I want to be able to come back to this post...sometime around mid January to remind myself how much I love my city.

Because...I really do LOVE my city:)
...and how 'bout this new camera?!?

I am loving this bad boy!!!

Smokey...not loving it so much;P


  1. I miss Chicago!
    I know those lake "roads" well.
    i used to walk to work from Clark and Belden to Michigan and Ontario Ave. EVERY DAY.
    Thanks for the memories. These are gorgeous pics.

  2. Yes, they ARE gorgeous pics. I like the new beast a lot. Of course - it's YOU taking the pictures - the camera will only do what you tell it to do.

  3. Now THAT'S a camera! Sweet Smokey!

  4. I am coming back to this post in January to remember the beauty that was once the sun!

  5. my kind of town too. Great pictures!

  6. Awesome pics!!! What's the camera you got? And you and Chicago are a match made in heaven....


  7. yup...when i am there for work in january/february every year for the last 13, it is cold cold cold and VERY overcast...I will remember these photos THEN! thanks!

  8. Beautiful pictures! I'm in the suburbs, but I certainly know about those winters! Ugh!

  9. what did you end of getting C? Was downtown last week too - GORGEOUS!!!

  10. Totally digging the chicago skyline! I feel the need for a trip to Michigan Ave Coming :)


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