Me: "Miss Peach, how was school picture day?"

Miss Peach: "It went fine...I smiled:)"

Me: "How did the other kids pictures turn out?"

Miss Peach: "Oh...not as good as mine."

Now...hold onto your hearts...

Little Man's school picture...





I just want to hold my little sweetie...He's. So. Sad:(

What should I do? Should I do a retake? There's something very endearing about this picture...I'm torn...


  1. Don't you DARE do a re-take!
    THAT is priceless.
    It's real.

    also... good grief she's yours xoxoxoxo

  2. I have to agree with Rachel. I think that although he looks incredibly sad, it's still an adorable photo. They're both so gorgeous. :)

  3. Rachel...your comment made me laugh out loud:-D

  4. Oh my goodness. I love them... And I soo think miss peach should autograph one for me. :) so cute!

  5. I'd keep it. It's who he is at the age he is.

    I've got a similar one of my son during his first year of preschool. I think there are actually tears in his eyes. I was so sad at first when I saw it, but now, 2 years later I can see how far he's come. It's all good.

  6. Your daughter looks so happy and proud. Your poor son looks traumatized. I don't think he wanted to take the picture. I'm still waiting for our pictures. I'm kinda scared.

  7. I agree with Life as I know it... this was Little Man that day.
    Every year the school pictures will be so different and so great... I have two sets of 12 school pictures ... we won't talk about the camp photos and ballet school and karate ... oy !
    Candice @ Notes from ABroad

  8. LOL!! Miss Peach is a girl after my own heart! IDK what to do about Lil Man but that pic makes me laugh! I promise in a good way. Just because he looks so pitiful. Poor thing!

  9. Aww.. they are both adorable.Looks like they little man off guard.

  10. Oh... Poor little guy. Why was he so sad? BUT. Keep it. I am philosphically opposed to re-takes. Also, our school pictures came home just today. Seriously, this is the last year I'm buying them. They're NEVER good. It's like literally putting $40 into an envelope and hiding it on a back closet shelf. There is just no point, besides guilt, of course.

    They are BOTH adorable. Sad or not.

  11. Both of those children look like you - but - keep that shot of him. That is so much better than a shot with one of those pasted on, fake smiles that kids so love to foist upon us. And someday, when he's grown to a confident, self-assured young man, going back to that picture will remind you of just how much he's grown, and what he was like when he was 'That Age' - because you'll be so caught up in the 'here and now' that it will be hard to look back and really remember properly.

  12. KEEP IT. The not-quite-perfect photos are always the best ones!

  13. I say it's a keeper. (He does break your heart though!) Dang those kids look like you!

  14. Keep it! There's nothing better than school pictures!

  15. I'd keep it. School pictures are a fabulous, albeit, goofy moment in time. And this is one to remember.

  16. I love them both. I adore the less-than perfect pictures, especially of kids.

    Miss Peach's response is too much...

  17. I'd keep it! I think he'll love it as he gets older- it's very cute!!

  18. I think you should definitely keep this one! Otherwise if you have retakes you'll always wish you had kept this one.


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