#52 Hardcover

Daily Chuck...

Yeah, I'm thinking my book would be titled A Nap, a Nap, My Kingdom For a Nap.

On the photog. front, I popped the ISO up to 640, and I hate how grainy it looks. Really makes me want to upgrade the camera. Remember the "old friend" who offered up the D300? Yeah, dude treated me like the plague when I texted him about it:/ Why offer it up if you don't really mean it? Just to have the opportunity to be a jerk? I don't get people...and I want a new camera:P


  1. I would love a new camera too. I said something to the hubs about it, and he was game until he had sticker shock. lol.

    I asked him what he expected, knowing I paid an arm-and-a-leg for my digital camera 4 years ago?

    I think I'd like to lay on the floor with the cat and take a nap . . . looks kinda comfy. :)

  2. A new friend might be in order too. jerk.

  3. Not to rub it in or anything, but I'm totally getting a new camera in the next couple of months. OK, so I am totally rubbing it in. NEW! CAMERA!


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