#44 An ebay find

Daily Chuck...

OK...there are many differences between Dooce/Chuck, and me/Smokey...

-My furniture isn't mid century modern...it's just IKEA.
-Smokey doesn't really match the furniture...I'd say he compliments it.
-Staring creepily off into nothingness isn't really Smokey's style...more like sleeping his way into oblivion;)

*On a completely unrelated note. I ran into an old friend of mine who I traded with about 10 years ago. He said he was now a professional photographer. I asked him if I could pick his brain about buying a new Nikon. He said "I have a D300 I don't use, why don't you just borrow it for a while." Ummmm OK!!! Keep your fingers crossed that this pans out:)


  1. SCORE :-) congrats - hope you get it

  2. Although it is quite difficult to type with Fingers Crossed, I am doing it for you.
    My husband has always had Nikons and that is what I learned to use when I first became interested in photography... I hope it works out for you !
    ( I use a Cannon Powershot all the time now though)

  3. Ooh! I am keeping my fingers crossed. That would be awesome.

  4. You had to ask a stranger????? Well, a relative stranger, anyway.

    A D300 would be a VERY good camera to work with - twice the pixels you currently have (better resolution and detail), better ISO range with 'noise', etc. But *I* could have told you that.

    Now I get to ask you the same question I find myself so often asking my wife - "What am I? Chopped Liver?"

    On the other hand - networking and taking advantage of the network is a seriously good thing to do - and to know how to do. And your 'network', apparently, has some excellent resources to place at your disposal - which I don't - so yes, in this case, I guess I AM chopped liver.

  5. Oh nice! Why don't I have old friends like that?

    My dog matches my wood floors to perfection. If he wasn't an 86 lb beast he'd get stepped on.

  6. I kind of love thinking that you found the cat on ebay...


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