#40 Goth mix

Daily Chuck...

OK...don't be scared. My blog has not turned into The Smokey Joe Show. I promise. (Really, you don't want to watch The Smokey Joe Show...all he does is sleep and eat...lather, rinse, repeat...)

In case you're wondering...he's listening to The Style Council;)

What?!? You'd expect my cat to have good taste in music...right;)


  1. Oh.My.Freakin.God! That is too much! He looks so deep in thought, must be listening to something really important :-)

  2. LOLOL. Can it pleeeease be the Smokey Joe show? Or can he have his own show?? Because I love his show!! I vicariously own lots of pets I don't have to clean up after because of all of my internetters!

  3. I like the pictures.. so keep posting them. He is obviously a patient cat.


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