#39 Apricots!

Daily Chuck...

OK...so not only does Heather have a light source coming out of her a**, but she has an apricot tree:/

Yeah, in the city, our apricots are plump, ripe, juicy...and we buy them in a store...Oh, in case you are wondering Smokey didn't even wake up for the entire shoot. I promise...he's alive...very lazy...and very alive;)


  1. LOLOL. Classic Smokey. I love how the apricot is chillin on the side of his head! Love it!!

  2. http://www.shortform.tv/u/alicia.ramirez/
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  3. I swear I love that cat. Most cats are aloof and fairly intolerant of the 'Food Suppliers' - but yours? That's the most "I don't give a shit as long as they feed me" cat I have ever seen.

    I like the attitude.

  4. Where do you buy your fresh produce from?

  5. I love Smokey. He's such a great cat!

  6. If those apricots are not organic then I demand a reshoot. Just kidding.


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