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I can't just leave LOST without sitting down and having one more chat about it...

Since I am the only one in the house who watches it...I watched the last 45 minutes of it again...then I hashed it out with Miss Peach. She's really quite enlightened, and agreed with everything I girl, I wonder where she gets it;)I had it wrong this season. I thought that the island blew up when Juliet was banging on the bomb, at the exact moment everyone time traveled...splintering off another time line (the one where the plane never crashes)
That didn't happen. There is only one time line...the one where the plane crashes...and a bunch of stuff happens...and Juliet dies in the pit...and some folks go home then come back...and Locke is killed by Ben...and Sun and Jin die in the sub...blah, blah, blah...

I was kinda thinking that, when Locke said to Jack (in alternate reality that wasn't) "You don't have a son."

I was kinda thinking it more when Hurley came out of the church and said to Ben "You were a real good #2." To which Ben said: "You were a great #1 Hugo." Telling me that Hugo and Ben stayed on the island, got Desmond back to Penny...did other island stuff until they died...sometime...

Lastly...our guy Christian Shepard talking to Jack...

Jack: "Are you real?"
Christian: "...I'm real, you're real, everything that's ever happened to you is real...all those people in the church...they're real."
Jack: "They're all dead?"
Christian: "Everybody dies sometime kiddo. Some have been before you, some long after you."
Jack: "Why are they all here now?"
Christian: "There is no now, here."

Blah, blah, blah...basically, all the stuff on the island happened, it was the most important part of all their lives...and they all needed each other in this place they created (not really a purgatory, but just a way station to the next place) to "remember, and move on".

I'm pretty doggone sure on this...and Miss Peach agrees with me.

So if you agree and get it, you can sit down in the church with me, paste on your enlightened grin and we can all move on...if can sit outside and discuss it with Benjamin Linus;)



  1. Yup, you think the same thing I do.

    I read various articles online and it started to make sense to me. Because when I first watched the finale I was all, "WTF?"

  2. I definitely choose inside the church, as opposed to outside with Ben. (Though in the end, I guess he's not a totally bad guy.) I haven't watched it again, yet, because there have been too many other t.v. shows to watch. But that's how I took the ending.

  3. I don't want to move on! I already miss Lost. I think your analysis is right.

  4. Yup, now you get it. I've been rewatching the finale looking for clues as to when people died based on their flashbacks. Like, Jin and Sun died underwater because that was the last thing they remembered. I need to watch the whole series beginning to end, but that would require a giant pause button on life. :-/

  5. I still don't get why Ben didn't go inside to move on...but I think you got it all right.

  6. I was so lost last night without Lost to watch.

  7. I totally think you nailed it on the head. But then again they might come out with a movie and we both could be completely wrong.

  8. I miss Lost already.

    And I'm afraid to watch it again because it was a freaking TEARJERKER!

  9. Totally staying out with Ben, because like him, I don't want it to be over yet :-(

  10. Still mulling it over myself too. I think what happened to them happened, yet they all ended up in the sideways reality place because they were all supposed to cross over at the same time.

    PS I'm the only one who watches it in my house too, but hubby decided to settle in and watch it with me but was all, what's this and what's that. Drove me crazy so I defo need to watch it again.

  11. I am completely lost (honestly, no pun intended)
    I watched the first season... tossed it after 2 episodes into the 2nd and have LOVED watching all of y'all ever since then.


    GAH ~ she's getting SO big!

  12. I thought it ended really well with everyone happy. The flash sideways was just a way for them to be together and resolve how each of them would have liked their lives to be... Not reality.

    Everything that happened on the island was real. I like to think the people who made off the island went on to live the rest of their lives, but whatever they did wasn't as important as their time on the island.

    I thought it was interesting that Shannon ended up being Sayid's soul mate and not Nadia, but you're right. So many questions still unanswered.

    GAH! I could a talk "LOST" for six more years.

    Biggest question of all: What are you going to watch now?

  13. I don't think Ben joined them in the church because they weren't the most important people in his life. He likely had to wait for his group to arrive before he could move on. Or something along those pseudo-philosophical-religious lines...

    BTW, apparently they're making a 15 minute epilogue of Ben and Hurley on the island to be released with the DVD.

  14. My main issue with the whole sideways thing is the son of Jack's. Who the hell was he, then? An imaginary figure? Why incorporate a son? WHAT THE HELL?!?

    Also, I felt the whole "death" thing was a bit of a cop-out. Anyone can do that. I expected a bit more from Lost.

  15. I lost interest in Lost years ago, but my daughter stuck with it. She is now rewatching the entire series..she gets it now... duh..


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