#20 All about the laminates

Daily Chuck...

Couple things:

-I don't have as much depth of field between Smokey and the floor (he's way shorter than Chuck) so it was near impossible to get a blurred background:/ (not to mention the fact it's like 100 degrees in Chicago, so no way I could get Smokes to sit, Mr. Lazy's been laying around all day, he is getting good at balancing stuff on his head though)

-Nobody in my family is handing out The Book of Mormon. Husband does however, hand out Pocket Constitutions like they are Halloween candy. Seemed like a perfect substitute...no;)

-I can't tell...I feel like the photography is getting better. It's definitely a process...

On a completely unrelated note...I woke up this morning, first thought..."The alternate world on LOST didn't really exist." (It was the first thing I said to Husband...who said "Huh?") I get it...needed to process overnight. I get it...and I miss it:( Now, I gotta say goodbye to Law & Order, and 24. Seems cruel, don't you think?


  1. Smokey looks almost flat...guess he's making the most of his surface area to floor ratio :P

    BTW, Still torn up about LOST. What will I do with my Tuesday nights? Well...Glee, but still :-(

  2. When you can't get depth of field of any value, (which means, more than likely, there are minimal elements making up the shot) then go the other way - stop down as far as you can and go for maximum detail overall.

  3. Pocket Constitutions??? Please explain!!! SO HILARIOUS!!! & definitely a more than adequate substitution for the Book of Mormon!

  4. Oh and I think your photography is improving, too! :)

  5. Huh? How did you arrive at that conclusion? I feel another more detailed LOST post coming. I'm still processing.

  6. Okay, Miss Lost Addict! LOL!

    This is the first time I have heard of a Pocket Constitution! Is Hubs a Judge? Who else walks around with one of those. Although, I'm intrigued and I would like one now. I've never read the Constitution other than in school textbooks.

    That cat must really think you're crazy or is just starting to enjoy all of the attention! LOL!

  7. Woman, you need to read some of the Lost recaps floating around on the interwebz. Then you rewatch the finale and it all makes sense. Truly.

  8. It's the poli sci dork in me, but I heartily endorse any husband or cat who enjoys our Constitution. Such a fun photo.


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