#22 Caption this...

Daily Chuck...

Honestly, I had no idea what Smokey would do when I slapped peanut butter on his nose...Who knew...cats like peanut butter:/

...and here's one more for ya;)
I'm telling you...He was groovin' on the peanut butter:P

*I know I owe you Roarsies!...I literally have no animal prints in the house...thinking I need to borrow a prop...Sissy, leopard print??? Anyone...I got nuthin':/


  1. WOW, great shot! Never would have thought that cats liked PB..hmmmm.

  2. I'd caption them Awesome. Your photography skills are improving tremendously, and Smokey is getting to be very good at showing up a dog. Go, Smokes!

  3. I had NO idea it was peanut butter in the original Chuck. Everything makes so much more sense now.

  4. I keep daring myself to try some of the stuff you capture with one of my three cats...I just can't decide which one is least likely to maim me in the process.

    I am envious of your obviously mellow cat.

    Maybe I'll just video the whole thing...I'm OK with throwing my Flip across the room. One of my big DSLR's with a piece of pricey glass on the end? Not so much. And once those claws come out, I'm outta there!

    Peanut butter, huh. Who knew cats liked it. I never would have guessed.

  5. Love the first shot with his little tongue! Cute.

  6. These could be my favorite Smokey shots so far.

  7. Just found your Blog through another blog- super cute. Your kitty pics are super! You can always work for National Geographic if your design business doesn't pan out... LOL!

  8. I love the first pic...caught in action. I have a cat that begs for shrimp and lobster


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