Still LOST...and drained

My first thought when I woke up this morning was..."I have to say goodbye to LOST tonight:("

I watched...

I wept...

I yelled at my TV...

At one point I remember saying to Husband..."This is the best show ever...TV is my best friend." (Yes, it frightens me how quickly that fell off my tongue:/)

I need to watch the last half hour again.

I kinda don't get it.

Am I an idiot?

No! I am not an idiot:/

Did they all die in the plane crash? They all died in the plane crash...right?

*sniff* I'm still LOST *sniff, sniff* I miss it already...Now excuse me while I go sob myself to sleep:....( #pleasemakeamovie


  1. How can they make a movie if they all died? Just wondering!! LOL

    I am not a LOST watcher, so I can't help with your finale confusion, sorry!

  2. I woke up today, too, thinking the same thing!!

    I think they died at various times, not all in the plane crash. Bear in mind, though, that I was crying so hard in the last 30 minutes that I may have missed some key dialogue!

  3. I'm still terribly lost.

    And I now miss my beat friend horribly.

  4. I think everything on the island did indeed happen. Yes, they are all dead in the sideways universe, but as Jack's dad said, it was the place they all created so they could find each other and move on together. Jack died on the island, and Ben and Hurley presumably died on the island after taking Jacob's place, but they didn't all die together. As Christian said, "There is no 'now' here," meaning everyone has gathered together at the point in which their lives have ended.

    Yes, I am that annoying person on Twitter who said she loved it.

  5. They did not die in the crash. They died at different times. As Christian said, some before and some after. Time is relative in Alterna-Lost. They all end up there and that is the important part.

    I loved the ending. I SOBBED.

  6. Agreed. The island was real. The sideways world was not. I liked it. It tugged at my heart strings enough that I am happy.

  7. Not only, do I feel "Lost" now that the show is over, I am exhausted from staying up until 1:00 this morning watching the show, and Aloha Lost. I know, I did DVR, but I wanted to watch live.

    I am torn between thinking that they all died in the plane crash, and believing that some died on the island, and some died later in life. I am leaning toward the second, as I rewatched the crash scene this morning, and you can see the tarp blowing in the breeze, and footprints in the sand. Either way, I am sorry it's over!

  8. But where were Michael and Walt? Are they still alive? I'm REALLY lost!

  9. I think it was a terrible let down :(

  10. I could have sworn that I replied to this already but it's gone!

    My first few initial thoughts were "Hmm... not sure what to think." But the more I thought about it, the better I feel.

    I posted about it here:

  11. I'm not a LOST viewer. Never started watching it and then it sounded like too much work to catch up and figure out what was happening.

    Seems like most people on FB and blogs are satisfied, if still a little confused.

    No offense to all those who love the show because I respect that kind of life, but I'm relieved it's over. Now I can be in the loop again!

  12. Still waiting to watch the re-cap from Jimmy Kimmle...couldn't stay up late enough last night to see! So sad it's over, so very very sad. It's going to take a lot to fill the void that's been left here :-(

  13. I don't watch it, but I have to say my friends who do didn't understand the ending either. I've been sending them links to every explanation I can find. They are all so confused.

  14. Oh my God, I am so glad I am not the only one who sort of felt like an idiot afterwards. I GET that Jack was dead. But WHEN did he die? In the plane crash? After saving the island? GAH!

    After thinking about it more, I think that all the island stuff was real, but the timeless afterlife thing made things confusing. Sigh... I did love all the little flashbacks though.

  15. Jack didn't save th eisland, but the monster didn't get off the island either, just my opinion. I'm not really sure, either, but I miss Lost already! Maybe Michael and his son weren't there because they aren't dead or weren't on the island long enough to develop as strong a bond. I didn't understand what Mrs. Widmore said to Desmond, "Are you taking Daniel, too." Was he like the angel of death getting them all together taking them to that place? I'm really confused!

    I'm gonna miss Lost.

  16. oh my crap - I still have not watched the ending - it is DVRed - I have not had 2 hours with hubbie to watch it yet!!!!!!!!!!


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