The Past, Present, and Future

I'm really not sure when it happened...

I remember going to college, majoring in fashion design, moving to the big city, and working as an assistant designer for years.

I remember switching gears, and trading on the floor for fifteen years. I remember making money, shopping to my hearts content, taking fabulous vacations...That was my life.

Somewhere along the way...I. Became. A. Geek.

I am a TOTAL geek:P

I spent the day with my nose in my Mac Book Pro, figuring out the difference between gradients and gradient meshes. Then I switched gears and read up on slicing verses image mapping.

When The Little Man went down for his nap, I re-watched LOST. (which I have had to do the last couple weeks) I am SO loving the Desmond/Penny story. I just LOVE them. Beyond that, I had conversations in my head about time lines, and how the creators of LOST also did the new Star Trek movie, and how they like the whole altered time line thang.

For a while, I was thinking that we had two alternate realities going, I don't think that is the case:/ Eloise obviously knows exactly what the score is...the Hobbit seems to have a grasp on it as well. It also seems to me that Desmond, by the end of the show, has figured it out, while Daniel is on his way to clued in.

I mean, blowing off the bomb not only changed the future, but it also changed the past...right? If the island blows, Jack has a son (totally thinking Juliet is the Mom btw) if the island didn't son. Island blows, Desmond is Whidmore's right hand blow, he's running off with Penny. Island blows, Ben is a really nice teacher blow, he's the devil.

It seems though that the future happened, then they looped back to blow up the island, then the future changed. Yet only a few of the Oceanic 815ers are aware of it...

...aaannnnddd my brain hurts:P

Back to me...when kiddos went to bed, I was right back into gradient meshes.

I know I used to be cool...I just know it. Now, I'm a total geek:P

*I know there is a new Daily Chuck, I'm waiting for sunlight to shoot Mr. Smokes. We haven't seen the sun in three days in Chicago...hopefully tom:P


  1. Head hurty now :P

    After one night of LOST then another night of FlashForward, I'm afraid to discuss with Peter.

    You see...he actually "understands" (or pretends to) the theories of time travel. Totally physics geek (among other kinds of geekiness). His "logical" reasoning makes me dizzy!

  2. What's wrong with being a GEEK, I'd like to know? If it wasn't for us PPT's (Pocket Protector Type), where on earth would the rest of the world be? Hunched over listening to the radio - taking notes with your hammer and chisel. Assuming, of course, that Marconi was NOT a geek - he was, more than likely, either a gondolier or a hit man.

  3. Juliet is SO the mother! I love the idea that Desmond and Penny are just meant to be together in any timeline. I'm really curious to see how the "some people in alt reality are figuring out it's the wrong reality" thing will play out. And what does Desmond need to show the other passengers of 815?

    I think we're all geeks in our own way. I get way too excited about evidence issues and questions of appellate court jurisdiction.

  4. I lost my "cool-ness" too - traded it in for jeans and tshirts hee hee - At least you GET Lost - I'm lost - I'm still thinking there are two of them all????

  5. I, for one, and happy you geeked out. I know an entire website that is ( So keep on geeking out. :-)

  6. Dude, you totally lost me. LOST me, in fact. I stopped watching because it was confusing, and now that I'm not watching... yeah, it's not getting less confusing ;-)

    But I do love you as a geek :-)


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