#5 Stick Wars

Here is the Daily Chuck.

OK, I was a bit frustrated with this one:P

Can I just tell you that...cat's aren't interested in sticks...At. All.

Not to mention the fact that it's hard to find sticks in the cement jungle that is my home.

I waited for a sunny day, wandered around until I found a handful of sticks, then The Little Man and I headed on the patio with Mr Smokes for his photo shoot.

I threw sticks at him, I wiggled them under his nose, I shook them in front of him...nuthin':P Not even a sniff:/ At one point, he laid down on one and took a nap:/
Little Man on the other hand was having a ball with the sticks. He beat on the town home, he beat on the patio furniture, he beat on the Christmas tree. (it's going this weekend...I promise)
I told him how frustrated I was in Smokey's lack of animation...to which he said...

"Silly Mommy, cats don't chase sticks...dogs do."

I'm still messing around with F-stops, my lenses macro option, exposure setting, and ISO. I told the Bro I was frustrated today...to which he said...

"You know, some people take entire classes to get the hang of this...keep taking pictures, and cut yourself a break."


  1. I can't believe you still have that Christmas tree! I love it. I think your brother's right and that you did one better than a cat-with-stick-pic: A photo of your little boy, smiling with his whole face.

  2. You should try rolling it in catnip (or, if it were my cat, olive juice ... who knows why?). Also, that crinkly-nose little-boy grin just made my weekend.

  3. Awww cats are hard subjects sometimes. However, your little man is a great one! Love that last photo :-)

  4. BTW your brother has a point. It took me 2 full semester photo classes in college to get the hang of it. You're learning MUCH faster than I did :-)

  5. Well thanks for the support guys...I'm going to keep at it:)

  6. Little guy is adorable.. and Mr Smokes looks like he might like mice better. I love the look in his eyes

  7. You should cut yourself a break. You are doing a great job. I have to say that Little Man looks so much like you. You have to take away those cutie patootie cheeks of his, because you do not have an ounce of chubbiness on you anywhere. But, he does look a lot like you.

  8. I took a whole semester class on SLRs and I still haven't figured it out. You will get it.

    Those pictures look great! Love the last one of Little Man!

  9. I dig the shadow in the cat and stick picture and love the Little Man smile in the final shot! Your brother's advice is solid . . . go easy on yourself and enjoy the process!


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