#4 In His Old Age

Yesterday's Daily Chuck.

And God said "Let there be light!"and there was light!

Actually, The Bro lent me his spotlights. Holy MOLY! I cranked up just one of them and it lit up my dungeon of a chocolate painted town home! Now, I only used one this time, but I need to add the other one so the shadow isn't so harsh (I believe that's called a fill?)...learning as I go don'cha know;)

Here's what I know now. I shot this on F-3.5 setting...My lens has a macro option (that's pretty cool). There is a little silver pin, and when I push it in and crank it around to "M-105" I can get all up in Smokey's face...and focus. I believe progress is being made.

In case you are wondering how Mr. Smokes is weathering the storm that is the Smokey Chuck Project...here he is yawning during the shoot. I don't think it has disrupted his sleep schedule...much;)Oh, and how old is Mr. Grumpus...10. It is not clear to me that the years are showing:/


  1. The use of props (read: cotton-ball hat) is almost as impressive as the spotlight. Hope the Grumps got some good rest after this. =>

  2. NICE WORK!!! You are learning. Very, Very good.

  3. Very cool...totally jealous of the macro option. I'm lusting after a portrait lens now :-) I love getting up inappropriately close to my subjects!

  4. Thanks Lceel!

    Amber, I am SO loving the macro...like way to much right now;)

  5. Awesome. I love it when I see that there's a new daily chuck because I know that Mr. Smokey is not far behind!

  6. Smokey needs to go back on his cat diet so he doesn't get diabetes II.


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