Say Cheese:)

A million years ago (three) I went to a little conference in Chicago called Blogher. I had just started my blog...and I was full. on. clueless.

I remember calling The Bro after hearing The Pioneer Woman speak (who I had never heard of...yeah, I was that clueless).

I said: "How do you take good pictures?"

He said: "You need a good camera."

Shortly there after, he gave me his cast off camera. (a Nikon D100, and a lens, I don't know what kind) (...and before you go giving The Bro major points for giving me this camera...he did owe me bucco money from a ski trip we had taken together. He's nice...but not too nice;P)

I tried for a short while to take good pics. Really, I did. Straight up...the darn thing was SO much smarter than me...and like many things in life, my follow through left much to be desired:(

Cut to this week....

I got asked to be a speaker at Gleek Retreat! Say what? Yes...I am speaking:O (Go check it out, if you're in the Midwest, you should go) How cool is that? (At least a little cool, right?)

Anyway...they needed a profile picture of me:/ I don't know about you, but for me...this is not an easy task. I never take a good picture...NEVER:( Have you noticed the profile picture for this blog? It's from Halloween, and I'm wearing a cowgirl outfit...I just don't think that's a proper profile it? I don't know *sigh*

What do I do got it...I dug out The Bro's cast off camera.

Holy found a time machine Batman! There were 100 photos I had taken of the kiddos from two and a half years ago! We are talking little gems like this......and this......and this...OMG...where have my little babies gone?!? *insert panic attack here*

Any way...I handed Husband the camera...and just like ripping off a band-aid, I made him take the shot.Is this awful? Is it a passable profile picture? I can always take another one...or two...or three thousand:P

I look at it, and all I see is Picasso face. Do I have Picasso face?

I don't know...perhaps I should just stick with the cowgirl pic:/


  1. I think you take great pictures, heck, I TOOK great pictures of you (tiara, anyone?), and that is perfect! Wish I could come to Gleek, sounds like fun! You are coming to Blogher '10, aren't you?!

  2. I love it. And I love your smile. Makes me smile in turn. :)

  3. I like it too! Congrats on speaking. Such an honor to be asked.

  4. Congrats on the conference! I think either picture would work well, the traditional headshot or the Halloween pic (in your Nap Warden element, so to speak). And that picture of those tiny feet in those silver heels?? Oh, oh, oh.

  5. Look at you, Ms. Public Speaker. I like the pic. But you could always use my Vanna White picture of you, giggle...

  6. It's not at all awful and very passable. It's so hard to like pictures of ourselves, but I think you should like this one. I like your scrunchy soft turtleneck. It's so fun that you found those gems. Happy future picture-taking!

  7. If you're not going to dress up in your cape and spandex (a la the totally awesome Nap Warden header) for a profile picture, then this picture will do nicely!

  8. That's a great picture, but wish you said something. I could have taken a pic for you in the city.

    So happy you took out the camera, too.

    Get learning and if you need any help, HOLLA!

  9. "Picasso face" LOL!! It looks natural & unposed, I like it. Gleek Retreat sounds so cool, good for you! Where is it? Are you going to BlogHer this year? I'm on the fence.

  10. We are our own worst critics. Looks perfect. What an honor to speak. That's awesome.

  11. Oh, look at you! It's a nice picture. (So's the one with the silver shoes.)

  12. I love it! I like the black and white, it looks friendly and professional, it's perfect!!

    The pics of the kids are so sweet - and good for you to be speaking at a conference!

  13. GREAT picture Cyn. Seriously. Use it.

    Sorry the cold ones of you didn't work. :-(

  14. I'm with Mep on the cape and leotard... That would ROCK. But the b&w suits you and looks professional. Go for it.

  15. If you need any help with the whole camera thing - just let me know. I'd be happy - no - honored, to do so. And you look, as always, lovely. And the kid shots are tremendous.

    Your D100 is a 6 megapixel camera - more than capable of producing quality 8x10's - if not 11x14's. So DO IT!! You have a good tool to work with.


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