The Team

Me-What happens when a business woman quits her job, gets married, and has two kiddos? She starts her own design/illustration company with all that free time she has laying around:/ (Who am I kidding, there is no such thing as free time:o)

That said, when I'm not chasing toddlers, or designing the next fabulous can find me blogging about my experiences being a Mom living smack dab in the middle of Chicago. (...and worshiping at the altar of Adobe nightly.)
Miss Peach- All things Princess! How did this tom boy end up with such a girly girl? Kindergarten watch out...Miss Peach is on her way!
The Little Man- All things truck! If it's got four wheels, The Little Man has it...if he doesn't have it...he wants it:P I have never encountered such a streak of stubbornness, and sweetness. Be still my heart when I have to send this one to preschool.

Husband- You might not know this...but he's kind of a big deal. No pictures of Husband;)
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