Blogher '07!

Let me start my saying I am fairly new to the Blogosphere. That said, I did attend Blogher '07. My head is spinning! I can't say that I learned so much, I think I would call it being exposed to so much. If I retain 5% of what I saw/heard, I will be impressed. There is so much blogworld that I have to learn is so much bigger than I realized. Everyone was extremely nice, I was so impressed with all the Mommy Bloggers out there! So, what am I taking away from this? I am a visual cat, one thing that really impressed me was Ree (Confessions of a Pioneer Woman). Her blog is amazing!!! I really need to get serious about my pictures....go to her site. Her photos are really spectacular. I heard much talk about building traffic to your site, and the possibilities of making money with your site. I think I want to focus on making a graphically entertaining site. I need to see where blogging goes for me. What do I want with my site? I want a place to take a "Mommy break". I want to use this site to keep up with my graphic design skills. I might want to branch into site design for other blogs. I want to make posts that are sometimes fun, sometimes giving and looking for advice on the baby raising front, and let's face it...sometimes I just want to rag on the stupid TV show I am watching. I hope to make some new blogging friends and have some fun! Right now, I am a work in progress....So give me some suggestions, or just a shout out so I can check out your blog. I am looking forward to the ride!


  1. Hi there! It was nice to meet you at BlogHer this weekend. As a fellow SAHM, I'm glad to have discovered your blog!

  2. It was so good to meet you! I'll be back....

  3. Cool for you! I've had fun reading all the BlogHer updates.

    I love Ree's blog. I just found it this year. She is an amazing photographer. There are so many talented womens out there!


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