Blame the Pen-doo-in

State of the Union Address...meh, I watched it. Why is it all I got is meh? I say, I would have received it a whole heck of a lot better if Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi weren't staring a me the entire time. They just kept staring, and nodding, and staring, and nodding, and staring and nodding...STOP IT! Good Lord, can someone get them a seat in the back?!?

The reality of my life right now is, there is a low chant going on in my head. It. Keeps. Getting. LOUDER. Do you know what that is? Anyone?

Here, I'll give you a hint...Feb. 2 is not stuck in my brain because it's the primary election day in Illinois. Do you know what Feb. 2 is?




Sorry...I'm sweating...I need to go get a drink of water....Whew:P Good to get that off my chest:)

One last thing. I don't know why I found this so cute, but I'll share it with you, and you can tell me if it's as cute as I thought...

About three days a week, The Little Man and I go to the health club. He plays in the play room while Mommy works out. Today, after I piled him into the car, The Little Man seemed a little sad:) He had the major bottom lip going on.

Me: "Little seem sad. What's wrong?"

Little Man: "I am sad:("

Me: "Awww...Little Man, why are you sad?"

Little Man: (after a long thoughtful pause) "My heart is broken."

Me: (Melting at the thought of my poor Little Man, all of three years old, sitting in the backseat of my car with a broken heart. Who is the evil heartlet in the play room who broke my Little Man's heart? Let me at her!) "Little Man, why is your heart broken?"

Little Man: (after another very long thoughtful pause) "A pen-doo-in (Little Man's word for penguin) ate it."

OK...I guess I can call off the dogs:/


  1. Your little man is very sweet indeed! Also, I wish I had started watching Lost when it began. I have no idea what the heck is going on now! Seems soooo confusing!

  2. Yay for LOST next week!

    pen-doo-in! So cute.


    OK, I'll stop.

    Your little man sounds sweet. My son loves penguins.

  4. That's cute. I love little kid speak

    I watched Lost for the first few years but when it started taking such long breaks between seasons I lost [pun intended] track of the daughter cant wait though.

  5. According to my Sophie,
    it's pronounced penglin!

  6. that is so funny. My son was explaining to me at bedtime last night how the monsters would come and eat the bandaid off his boo-boo. Where do they get this stuff?

  7. Call off the dogs?! No way. Go after that pen-doo-in!

  8. It's always the pen-doo-ins you have to watch. They're crafty devils.

  9. OH MY GAWD I cannot wait for Tuesday!!!!!! I think I might cry when it's over for good.

    You know those pen-doo-ins are up to something, they're far to dapper in the wrong environments. Tuxedos are NOT a good cover on the iceberg :P

  10. So agree with you about the distraction of Pelosi and Biden. Can't watch it.
    I think I may indulge in a marathon of past Lost episodes this weekend in anticipation...

  11. Pelosi, Biden, and the rhythmic audience clapping - meh for sure!
    Your little man sounds like a little sweetheart for sure!

  12. I just rewatched the finale- can't wait for the new season to start.

  13. I know I am so excited about Feb 2nd too! My hubby and I have a date to watch it :)


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