The Cleaning Robot

Why it took me a year and a half to figure out that the "premium movie" channels on my DVR's Video On Demand are free, I will never know. That said, I have discovered a wealth of kiddo movies that I can just dial up for free...FREE! (you know, me likey da free)

So, we watched Wall-e over the weekend. What a sweet, thoughtful movie:) The kiddos loved it, I loved it. The Little Man actually looked at me and said "Mommy, I really liked the music in dat movie." (Ummmm...he's barely three, and picking up on the music in a movie!)

Immediately, they wanted to watch it again. I cued it up, and let them watch it again (it's really cold in Chicago so we had a lot of inside time) The Little Man says..."Mommy, I'm Wall-e!" I see that, a scrappy little robot who is loyal and sensitive and sweet. Yep, that's The Little Man.

Then Miss Peach says..."Mommy, I'm Eve!" I see that, sassy little robot who is tough as nails, confident with a soft side. Yep, that's Miss Peach.

Any guesses on who they say Mommy is?

Any guesses?



"Mommy, you are The Cleaning Robot!"

The Cleaning Robot! Mommy is The Cleaning Robot! The little automated dude who spends the entire movie chasing dirt and saying "foreign contaminant". OK:/ I mean I suppose it's better than being the rotund folks floating around on the hover crafts because they are too lazy to walk, while shoveling pizza in a cup in their mouths...right?

We watched the movie again. Of course, when it was over, Miss Peach turned around and wiped her jelly filled hand across my leather couch, looked at me and said..."Mommy, again, again, can we watch it again?"

No, I did not let them watch the movie for the third time in a row...but I did get out a wipey and wash the jelly off of my couch...

OMG, I am The Cleaning Robot:O


  1. Yes that is an adorable movie. I love the little cockroach...

    the snow on my blog is a big hit.

  2. I loved that movie!!
    I wonder which robot I would be?

  3. Loved that movie too. I would probably be the repair robot that keeps getting locked out on the ledge.

  4. LOL! Well, that cleaning robot was incredibly cute.....

    So far, I haven't been able to get my son to watch any movies. He can't seem to stand any level of suspense or excitement and usually asks me to turn it off within the first 15 mins!!!

  5. yes, sad, but true, our children think of us as cleaning robots. Mine also think I spend my hours at the grocery store while they're in school.

  6. I'm kind of jealous. There is no way that Alexis would think of me as the cleaning robot. That's probably because I suck at cleaning. A lot.

  7. LOL Too cute! I thought for a moment you were gonna say the I'm sooo NOT the cleaning robot, more like the fat lady sitting in the floating armchair watching tv. lol

  8. I love your blog subjects-SO cute.
    I think it's sweet that your kids said that you were the cleaning robot ;D They see you take care of things and keep things nice for them :) That's the way I translate it! :D

    I think they're saying you're a great Mommy ;)

  9. I can think of worse robots to be! I fear I would be the "mom, get off the computer and pay attention to me" robot.

  10. I, too, am the cleaning robot. Always efficient. Always operating.


  11. Haha! The cleaning robot! We like that movie too.

  12. I love that movie!! Sadly, I imagine my daughter would probably see me as Otto (Auto?). Domineering and forceful. Yep, I'm a great mother.

  13. I'm also the cleaning robot. I swear that is the way our girls will remember me -- always cleaning up some mess.


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