So That's Where it Went

Bear with me (I say whispering)...I have laryngitis. I get it every year, and it's no fun:(

It has really thrown the little ones for a loop.

"Mommy, why aren't you talking?"
"Mommy are you sick?"
"Mommy will your voice ever come back?"

Miss Peach came home from school today, stretched out on the couch, pulled a blanket over herself, and said...

"Mommy, I lost my voice too...I think it's in my foot."

(slapping my hand to my forehead) "So that's where it is...why haven't I looked there!"
Congrats to Marketing Mommy for winning the Yo Gabba Gabba tickets:)


  1. Super cute! If only it were that easy!

  2. Makes me wonder what is is I picked up on the back of my ass...

  3. I need to remember to look there first when I come down with my inevitable bout of this in a few weeks! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. I love kids' understanding of losing your voice.

    Hope you find yours. Maybe it's in your infamous stroller.
    I always leave stuff in my stroller.


  5. My house would LOVE it if I lost my voice. Hope it comes back to you soon.

  6. Next you can send her to look for the frog in your throat, (or a little horse!) Okay, groan away. Sorry.

  7. That's totally where I'm looking next time!

  8. LOL - that's hilarious :-D So it isn't really lost, right? Just misplaced ;-)

    Get well soon!

  9. I think that is so darn cute. really made me smile.

    I do hope you are feeling better though.


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