Seemed Like a Good Idea

Occasionally, it's good to actually take advantage of the fact that we live in the city.
This weekend Husband and I looked at each other and said..."Let's go to the Art Museum!"

Wait..."Let's make it really fun for the kiddos, and take the bus:O" (this means we weren't taking the stroller...such a rookie mistake:P)
We took the quickest tour of the museum humanly possible...and shot ourselves out of the new wing to the bridge to Millennium Park. It really is a wonderful view of the city...Husband had the brilliant idea to take a picture of the kiddos (who were in MAJOR meltdown mode) with the view of the building where we were married in the background. (See the Borg Warner sign...we got married on the deck of that building...gorgeous) Needless to say, all you have to do is look at Miss Peach's face to see how she felt about pictures:/
...and yet Mommy and Daddy persist...(That's not a smile, it's a cry.)
Well...she's done...perhaps just one with The Little Man and Daddy?*
Nope...that's not gonna work...
...and he's out as well.
Little more shot? No...OK. I think we're done here;/

*Husband's job prevents me from showing pictures of him on the blog. (thank you Gaussian Blur function)


  1. That sounds like every outing I attempt to take my daughter on these days. Yeah, good times.

  2. Your husband looks super creepy. heh.

  3. Ohhhh, does your husband wear that face to bed? That's hot.

  4. Your husband reminds me of a super hero....The Man Without a Face. Or at a quick glance like Wentworth did not just say "who"

    Stay tuned folks, one day Mr Nap Warden's true identity will be revealed. Cue super hero tv show music here and fade out.

  5. You're married to a superhero, aren't you?

  6. Kids . . . when they're done, they're done.

    I want to kick myself in the face every time I attempt an outing without a stroller.

  7. I thought maybe you were afraid to blind us with your husband's hotness.

  8. LOL I'm glad everyone else can only focus on the blur that is your husband..cuz that's all I noticed as well. Are you allowed to say what he does?

  9. Ahh. The best laid plans. ;)
    Looks like it was a beautiful day though! :)

  10. Funny, and who ran after the little man or is that a zoom lens.
    I do love having older children... mine even drive..

  11. Save those photos. Some day you'll want proof that you tried to raise him with some cultural references other than Sponge Bob.


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