Living Through Rehab

Remember my lovely minimalist town home? Currently, it is a house of CHAOS! I have completely lost control...

Long story short...we are putting hardwood floors in the basement. There was just no waiting. The carpet that was down there...had nastiness growing in it:P (you don't even want to know, I'm talking dogs and cats making contributions)

I had NO idea how loud it was to put down the sub floor! They actually use shot gun shells to get the plywood attached to the concrete:O It sounds like a shoot out in my basement (I am sure the neighbors LOVE it...not:P)
Look at the mess that is the family room...where did my tidy little family room go?

Think that is bad...check out my dining room...Yeah, that's basically where most of the stuff from the basement is...I am so out of sorts over the state of our home:(

Oh, and in case you were wondering why we are having a cold and rainy's because I have a leather couch, wrapped in plastic, sitting on my patio table:P

Just look at all that nasty carpet...I can't wait until it's gone.

What are you doing for the 4th? It's gotta be better than mine;)


  1. So this weather is your fault!?! Way to go! You better get things fixed before the 4th! :-)

  2. WOW! It's going to look great though!!

  3. Yikes! I don't know how well I'd handle that either. You'll have to let us know if the end result is worth it! I'm sure it will be....right?

  4. yikes! let the guys in, and you and the man take the sweeties to a hotel with an indoor pool! (or outside if it is nice out this weekend)

  5. I feel your pain. We're getting ready to pull our carpet as well, but I'm first doing some painting. Plus we discovered a colony of ants in our front door jamb. So fun. NOT.

  6. We went through this last year at about this same time. I feel your pain. Loud loud pain. It will look so good when it's done though.

    We are probably taking it easy this weekend. Husband has to work.

  7. Well, just think how nice it will all look once it's all done! Make sure to share pics of the finished project, too!

  8. oy, it's July 2nd, 3rd in less than 2 hours....what about the commercial? Did I miss the announcement? Chop chop missy!

  9. *sigh* We don't know what we're doing for the fourth. We still go back and forth - visit family, or stay home and do our own thing? Such is life. ;-)

    I love the hardwood floors. However noisy and cold it is now, you'll love it when they're all in!

  10. Hope you have a Happy 4th of July weekend :) Do something fun too please!
    ♥ HUGS ♥

  11. I think I'll do a little Brooklyn Museum & Liberty State Park with the folk! I look forward to seeing the interior of your basement come to fruition! I LOVE minimalism...just can't seem to implement it in my world.

  12. breathe ... it will be great when it's done.

    meanwhile, repeat after me:

    this too shall pass. this too shall pass. this too shall pass



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