That's Me!

Can I tell you, I have been spending the last few days without Internet:O Crazy...right!?! I'm losing it...

I can't believe I totally forgot to let you all know I did my Momversation guest spot. Here it is...

It was really fun doing the show! They really do a great job with this webisode format.

My main goal was not to look, or sound like an idiot:P I think I managed to do that;)

In my imaginary world they LOVED me, and decided to make me a regular panelist...too bad we can't carry that over to the REAL world...

How'd I do?

*On a completely unrelated note...will someone PLEASE follow me on the Blogger follow me link in the footer? (I'm at 99, and it's driving me nuts!)


  1. Looks like someone beat me to it! Now you are at 101. I haven't followed you before because I have you in my reader. Now I guess I'll get double the NW!

  2. HOLLAH! I love this video, I love this subject: Ugh @ 'just a mom'!

    I hope you DO become a panelist.

  3. It turned out great! I loved the topic and everyone's point of view. So true.

  4. Following! I already had you in my reader.

  5. Great job Cyn....truly. The poop line was awesome. And they shoud make you a were the livliest of the bunch. And the most interesting. I kid you not. Right on girlfriend....


    And uh, Happy 4th.

  6. You did great! I liked the topic, because whenever I say I'm a SAHM I feel like people are just like, 'oh'.

  7. Cyn - you have a presence that is weighted, that has meaning to it. It works. Thank you for all your help with my site and I wish the very best for you. You tackle projects with determination and focus and I admire that.
    I hope we have other projects to work on in the future!

  8. I would so love to see you do were great!


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