Sometimes I feel like my cat. You know how cats are watchers? Runners make me laugh...especially guys.

I've quietly been getting back into running. No group (yet), just running 5 miles here, 5 miles there, on my own. Quite frankly, I have been surprised how strong I feel. I have kept in shape over the winter with swimming, it has made for an easier transition back into running this season.

Yesterday, I was on the path. I saw a big guy ahead of me. Slowly, I came up on him. When you are a steady runner like me, you work your way up to folks...then pass them. I worked my way up on this big guy...and then passed him. It's always amusing to me when I pass a guy on the running path...

As I pass them, I can see the wheels turning in their head. Are they going to let me pass? Sometimes, the instant they realize a chick is passing them, they speed up. Sometimes, they try to stay with me, hoping that I will cave and fall back (I don't cave). In this instance, I passed him, and it ate away at him. I am a very steady runner. Right now, I have nothing to prove...I'm just exploring running again, trying to decide if I'm running a marathon this year.

Anyway, I passed this big guy, he tried to keep up with me, then fell back. I kept running and didn't give it a second thought. It must have taken this guy about a mile, but he huffed and puffed his way back up and passed me. I had to chuckle, it obviously was a problem being passed by a little chick:P

I am in a good place with running. I'm not stressing Boston Marathon qualifying times. I'm not paying attention to split times. I'm just running, and it feels good:)

Fwiw, I passed more guys than passed me yesterday;)


  1. Good for you! That must feel so great. I can't run around my block with feeling like death. I find it really hard to do! Keep on doing what you're doing! :)

  2. I know what you mean about the "wheels turning in their head"... Today at the grocery store, a woman was going after the same cart as me. Of course, I had no idea until she RAN up to it and took off. I ask, what kind of person takes a shopping cart away from a conspicuously pregnant woman? WHO!?

    Okay. So that's totally not on par with your running, but I'm fat, out of shape, and it's the best I got... :-)

  3. Slow and steady... I love that you 'faced' him. Keep running and keep doing what you're doing so well.

  4. Steady is good. In running and in life.
    Just started running (if I can even call it that since I don't go very far yet). The best part is being able to plug into my ipod and leave my house by myself!

  5. LOL I loved that you passed a big guy and he had to huff and puff to catch up to you! You should definitely go try for a marathon again. You're the most determined person I know!

  6. Way to go on the running. I ran 5 miles yesterday and it felt great. I love it when I can pass guys!

  7. That is funny! He probably couldn't move the next day!

  8. My husband used to have the same problem when he would pass people in his 86 Ford Aerostar. LOL


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