Welcome Back to the Land of the Living

I am going to say it right here and now...Kate and Sawyer should have let Ben die. I know "he's just a kid", but he's Benjamin Linus! The actions of Kate and Sawyer saving him is what turns him into the monster he becomes. Why would they do that, especially after Richard spelled it out for them? Jack was right...they were wrong.

Oh, who else was right...me! I knew Ben wasn't dead. Which makes me think the writers kinda dropped the ball. Think about it Sayid (the guy who has made a career out of killing people) gave Ben one shot to the chest and took off...weak:P If the Sayid I know had wanted Ben dead...he would be dead.

I was loving the conversation between Miles and Hurley! Miles had me going there for a moment on his time line theory. Then bam...Hurley hit him with "why doesn't he remember Sayid?" Now, we know he doesn't remember Sayid because of what happens with Richard (he said he wouldn't remember anything)...So Miles' time line theory may be correct. Which leaves my brain seaping out of my ears...

Best ending ever. Locke watching over old Ben as he wakes up. "Welcome back to the land of the living." Translation..."you killed me you son of a b*tch!" Go Locke!

Oh, fwiw Husband silently watched the show for the second time ever tonight. He said "Watching this show is like throwing a Thanksgiving dinner into a blender...I know it supposed to be good, I just can't tell what anything is." Poor Husband:P


  1. Ben is going to try to defend himself by saying he needed Locke dead to replace Christian, and also that he knew he'd be alive again on the island.

  2. And just how are Sawyer and Kate going to explain what they did with Ben??

    So the time line theory, you can stray off the path but eventually end up back on the line?

    I didn't like this week's episode much. Too many questions. Aaron? You can just drop off a kid like that with his grandmother? Why didn't someone tell me this 20 years ago?

    I'm not liking Jack either. IF he'd have saved Ben maybe Kate and Sawyer wouldn't have to turn him over to The Others.

    And who was that woman on the pier in the preview? The cop with Sayid on the plane?

  3. Mike watched with me tonight too. I think he's been reading up because he followed along really well.

    The one thing...ha, okay one of the thingS that drives me nuts are the "obscure" characters that come in and then we don't see them again for a season or two. For instance, I've forget how Clementine's mom and Kate know one another.

    Can't wait for next week!

  4. Hurley and Miles chatting was the best part of the show. My husband and I were just staring at each other, mouths hanging open doing the old "WTF"? Miles had us both convinced for a bit too . . . but then I kind of went back with my theory that they can't mess with the past or it will affect the future (LOVED the Back to the Future reference - I mean what goes with time-traveling delorians better than time-shifting ISLANDS???).

    It's nice to see Jack has taken a page out of the Locke book of life. "Maybe the island has other plans" and "I'm not sure why I'm meant to be here, but I am".

    Grace - didn't Clementine's mom help Kate when she was on the run after she killed her father??? That is how I remembered it I think - and how weird it was that she and Sawyer never crossed paths with their links to this woman. (Side note: She is Matt's mom from Friday Night Lights if you watch that!)

    I'm dying to know more about the Others - how will Richard heal Ben and WHY THE HECK doesn't Richard AGE? And my husband swears Claire is dead and and I'm all "of course she isn't, she's with the Others" so I'd like to see how that plays out.

    WHAT is Sayid going to do prancing around in that jungle by himself??? A week is a long time to wait for another episode. :)

  5. I have a friend who gets the inside scoop on things so I kind of know where the show is going sort of! I loved the Hurley and Miles conversation too :) And fyi if you watch an older episode with the smoke monster and put it in slow motion I guess you can see that person's life in pictures? I haven't tried it but thought it would be cool to see if it was true!


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