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I have been swimming twice a week. For me, the best part long as your head is in the water, no one can bother you. Most days I have to pool all to nice:) The only thing I hate about it is how cold it is when I first get in the water. I use a little trick that my tennis coach taught me, to get around freezing my butt off.

When you are doing your stroke (in tennis), count 1,2,3. What he means by that is, at 1 your racket is here, at 2 your racket is there, at 3 it is there. I use this primarily on my serve. Instead of thinking about the stroke, I train my brain to think 1,2,3. My body follows the count. So while I'm serving, my brain is thinking 1,2,3. The theory is that a lot of times, your brain gets in the way of letting your body do what it can do. If you occupy your brain, your body can do.

Well, I use this method when getting in the pool as well. Instead of thinking about how cold it is. I just push off and say 1,2,3. I am not thinking about the cold, I'm thinking about the count. Truthfully, I don't know if I take an athlete's approach to life, or if I'm just a bit obsessive?

I need to use this (in a slow motion capacity) for my Stock Yard site. I am at the 1. It's been really frustrating getting other illustrators on board:P Quite frankly, I have only approached two, and they shot me down cold. Now, I don't know where else to look...bah, frustrated. I am at the 1. I gotta just keep putting illustrations on the site, and try to find some other folks to contribute if I can.

Thing is, I don't want to go live with it until I have a decent amount of stock (I am thinking 100 images?) If I don't have a nice body of work, folks won't come back.

1-set up site, build up stock
2-launch and market
3-sell, sell, sell

I just need to keep telling myself "I am at the 1."

Miss Peach must sense I'm frustrated. The other day, she came to me with a sticker that had been torn. (don't you know, in a toddlers eyes "Mom fixes everything.") Anyway...

I said: "Miss Peach, this is pretty ripped up, I don't know if I can fix it?"
She said: "Just keep trying Mom. Never give up!" Then she scampered away.

Hmmmm...that kid has a good head on her shoulders...


  1. **hugs** I sure wish I knew some illustrators for you...

    Hang in there, Miss Peach is right. I've been telling the kids that a lot lately, too.

  2. have u twittered for help finding illustrators?

    what about a board for them? like a comment board? there has to be a place.... actually I know someone. let me see if she is interested. I am not sure this is the stuff she does. she is a college prof, and does pretty amazing stuff.

  3. Never give up! HA! I love it! She definitely has a winner's attitude. :)

    I used to love swimming laps. Maybe I should try it again. Though the last few times my goggles gave me a migraine. Hmm. I'd like to try though.

  4. Smart girl. Miss Peach knows what she is talking about.

  5. Miss Peach has it right! Keep at it. You're still at 1 but you'll be at 2 soon.

  6. Peach is right. Keep at it, ma'am.

  7. I count when I swim helps me my rhythm. I am doing the Trek Tri this summer and need to start practicing again. Keep up the good work!

  8. That is one smart girl. Keep up the great work and those who snubbed you will regret it when you are a success.

  9. sound like she has a great mom too!!

    I HATE cold water - literally CAN NOT do it any longer - I was in swim team for years - swam for hours every flippin' day for years in COLD water - I won't do it any more - seriously - it is so bad. If we take the kids swimming and the water is cold - I refuse to get in - something in my brain just shuts down and I physically can not get in cold water!

  10. You're such a philosopher! What a good way to think of things ... "I am at the 1."

  11. miss peach is a very wise girl.

    i must remember the count, as well.

    1 ... 2 ... 3 ...


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