I don't think of myself as a comic book person. I am just a huge fan of illustrating. I love Frank Miller, I love Jack Kirby, I love comic book style of just about any any kind. So, yes, I saw and loved Sin City...yes, I saw and loved know I saw and loved Dark Knight!

You gotta know I have been waiting (not so patiently) for Watchmen. Would you believe I could not find one other person to go see this movie with me? Pllllltttttt! No one! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I went to see Watchmen all by myself. I loved it!

Now then, just because I loved it, doesn't mean every one will. This movie is dark, it's violent, it's twisted, and it's long (2 hours, 43 min.) The set design was amazing. The costumes were spot on. The CG was seamless. These are all things I love in a movie.

I have no vested interest in the book. I have no idea how well the movie followed the book? I did however wonder why, with such a huge legacy that the book has...why were there no names in the movie? I loves me *sigh* Denny from Grey's Anatomy. He plays a total jerk (The Comic) and I still loved him *sigh*. Other than that, I got nothin'. Who are these people? Oh wait...Billy Crudup (Almost Famous) plays Dr. Manhattan. I kid you not, dude is naked, bald and blue through most of the movie. Yes folks we are talking full frontal blue nudity (quite frankly, I could have done without it)

Without a doubt, the guy who stole the show was Jackie Earl Haley. Do you remember this guy? Anyone? I know you know him...Remember the bad kid from the first Bad News Bears? That's the guy. He can't be any bigger than me, and he plays a total psychopath, bad *ss, superhero Rorschack. He. Kicks. *ss! I would say the movie is worth it, just to see this performance...AWESOME!

Bottom line, the movie isn't for everyone. You definately have to have a taste for the comic genre. As I was leaving, the couple ahead of me was having an arguement about it. He loved it, she hated it. Not only did she hate it, but she was p*ssed off at him for dragging her to see it. Be warned, not everyone will love this movie...but I did:)
After the movie...I went home, and whipped up a few more illustrations and added them to the stock site...Yes, you could say I was in a super hero mind set:P

How has the search for other contributors been going
, you ask? Oh, I made a bit of an a** of myself! A fellow blogger pal has a husband who is in CG. He suggested I go check out Deviant Art. I did. Holy awesome artists on that site Batman!

Come back tom. and I'll tell you what a dummy I am:P I feel like this post is getting long an rambling. Let's just say, I'm not shelling out $5,000 a week to advertise:P


  1. $5000??? ouch!

    my son saw "watchmen" already. he loved it (he dragged me to "300" a couple years ago just fyi!!) and totally wants me to see it.

    we'll see....

  2. Hmm, I have not read any of the graphic novels turned movies that I have seen but I have loved them. I will be adding this to my list. And I love the illustrations.

  3. I saw it Friday night. I actually liked it quite a bit. The nudity was pretty constant and ok, but I could have used some warning on the sex scenes due to DD13. A little hand over the eyes works wonders. It certainly is not your normal superhero flick.

  4. Can't say I'm a huge comic book/superhero fan but I loved Iron Man and Dark Knight. And I am also a huge fan of yours so I guess there's some superhero mindset in there somewhere... Your illustration site looks awesome and it's gonna take-off... It's just gonna take a little time to build, you know??

    Happy Sunday...

  5. $5,000?! Ouch! I'll stay tuned...

  6. i wont' see any movie that is over 2 hours.

    i love your superheros!

  7. Sounds like I'd like it, though I won't see it till its on DVD. ;-)

  8. I loved the Dark Knight. I watched it for the first time last weekend. I'm not sure if I could sit and watch a movie for that long...sounds interesting.

  9. I heard it was Great! My friends favorite line was...

    "You think I am locked in here with you... You are locked in here with mE!!!"

    He said it still gives him goosebumps. :)

    Glad you liked it. I'm gonna watch it on PPV with my guy, popcorn, Num and the bed heater... :)

  10. You are great at superheros! My brother is also a fan of the genre. He's probably seen the movie at least twice already....

  11. Den and I just saw it this past weekend! I didn't know what I was getting myself into, I did not like Sin City, and I haven't seen 300, and Den omitted the fact that they all involved Frank Miller so I would see it with him! So yes, I agree that it was dark, twisted and violent, but I can appreciate the creativity behind the movie.

    Love your illustrations!


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