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I'm sitting here, waiting for them to give out the big awards on The Oscars. I already know who are my best and worst dress, and it's getting late, so I'm just gonna get to it...Will someone please tell me why Miley Cyrus was all over the red carpet? When you're done with that, will you tell me what the heck was up with her outfit? That Jay M. stylist guy was gushing all over it. Ummm....not:P She looked like my tin foil nightmare. I. DON'T. GET. IT.
My worst dressed of the night goes to Jessica Beil. There is just no excuse for this...none! This girl has the hottest body in Hollywood. Why would you want to wear this huge drape of fabric? I don't get it. I don't get it. I don't get it:P You're hot!
But then, there's this. Every year, I feel like I pick on this woman. Yet, every year, she shows up in something that just makes me shake my head...*shake, shake, shake* What is the deal with her? This outfit confuses, and scares me...hold me 'til it passes...

Now then, off to better territory...
Upon first and second look, I was not wowed by this dress (even though I love Marisa Tomei) All you need to see is this picture to know this dress is amazing. Wow! I'm giving this an honerable mention.

I kinda tied for best dressed...
I loved Natalie Portman's pink dress. Did you see her when she walked out to give an award? (which was hilarious btw, Ben Stiller making fun of Joaquin Phoenix?) It just flowed, and glowed under the lights on stage...stunning!

Next up...Sarah Jess...
Girl has just got it. I. LOVED. THIS. DRESS! That is all...LOVE.
Oh, did you miss me on the red carpet? Yeah, I rocked a chocolate, form fitting gown. You know, it was just an honor to be nominated;)


  1. Ha ha. I do love your dress. I did not, at first, love SJP's dress, but I realized the error of my ways. Also loved Natalie's dress.

  2. SJP's dress. Er, what is UP with her girls? I mean, WAY UP? They look oddly . . . perky.

    As for you . . . you were surreal.

  3. I didn't get to watch any part of the show but I hungrily looked through all the photos! I didn't like Natalie Portmans dress so much but then I didn't get to see it move or glow. Definitely liked how SJP looked though!

  4. My husband looked over at me when Jessica Biel was up there and said "What the hell is that?!" and I had to agree. Was she going for toga?

    I wasn't too crazy about SJP's dress though. It was pretty but I felt like her top half was too squished in it.

  5. I don't know, SJPs bodice is a little too...overflowing for my taste.
    I'm with you on that beige & black outfit ... it doesn't do anything for her. She blends into the beige too much.

  6. If Tilda wore that blouse with a nice pair of jeans or a wide leg black tux pant, it would be pretty. The skirt doesn't work.

    Miley - the hell?

    Natalie - YES!

    SJP - needs a wand and some pixie dust and maybe she can grant my wish that next time she buys a dress that fits her boobies. And where'd they come from? Have they always been HU GE and I never noticed?

  7. Compared to the other two, Miley's isn't too bad. The black and gold one is a nightmare. She looks like she's dead. Really. I think I'd like SJP's dress on someone else. I'm not really a fan of hers. Great pics, and I LOVE your dress, you crack me up!

  8. I'm pretty sure SJP was wearing Wonderwoman's fairy godmother costume. Pretty sure.

    You, however, looks mah-ve-lous!

  9. I don't watch the Oscars. But I loved this post especially your last picture!

  10. OK, SJP kinda does have a bit of a Good Witch feeling to it...I still thought it was fab. Where did those boobs come from?

  11. SJP was totally Glinda. Hated her dress, her hair--she knows better. Agree about Miley, Jessica, Thilda. No one really wowed me this year. Angelina is so boring. Maybe she needs a new tattoo.

  12. The beige and black is the worst! My daughter (age 12) said it looks like she tied some sheets together.

  13. Hey girl! Fun to see your perspective on the dresses. I love Natalie Portman's. :)

    I am loving my blog. thank you so much for the help. YOu rock the party. I get comments all the time on how it really focuses on my photos. THANK YOU!


  14. Tilda Swinton? What were you thinking!! It looks like she just put on whatever was in the closet!

  15. Don't kill me but I really liked Jessica Beil's dress. I think it was Prada. I thought it was very sophisticated and beautiful (but you're right... did not show off her killer, loved by Justin, body).

    Did not love SPJ's look.

    I actually thought Angelina Jolie looked amazing... in this gorgeous, witchy way.

    Meryl Streep has the acting thing down but really needs a stylist.

    Can we still be friends?

  16. Darn, sorry I missed seeing you on the red carpet! You look fab!

    I don't know who that actress is you pictured, but when I saw what she was wearing I was just like, "Huh?" And Sophia Loren, for all her amazingness, had on a horrible dress, I thought.

  17. I actually LOVE Miley's dress! But Sarah Jess's is beautiful as well!

  18. Miley-hated.

    Weird Star Trek lady-horrifying.

    Marisa-wasn't a huge fan of the Versace number, but you are right, there's something to be said about the full shot and all the detailing in the gown.

    SJP-LOVED! My fave of the night! I sooooo want this dress in white as my wedding gown!! Could you make that happen for me please???

    NW-hot-hot-hottie ;)


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