Gone and Done It

OK, I went and made the switch. Check it, you are now viewing me on napwarden.com. You can type in www.napwarden.com, or napwarden.com, or www.napwarden.blogspot.com, and they're all gonna go here:) Everyone always says update your ______ (blogroll, feeds, stuff). I hate to admit, I don't know why? Do I need to reburn my feed? Will I lose my subscribers? I don't want to, and since .blogspot.com will still go here, why do I need to change it? I need some smart techie to enlighten me...

I wanted to change my NW Designs site as well, and dog gone if someone doesn't already have nwdesigns.com:P Some cabinet making company. Someone else has nwdesigns.net, and .org. So, what do I do? I kinda want to drop the blogspot.com on my design site. You know, be all big time;) I am putting it to you...What should the .com be for my NW Designs be?


  1. napwardendesigns.com
    i'll think of more...don't you worry. this is my forte...names for blogs and stuff!!

  2. Could you do NWDesignsyou.com

    or NW_Designs.com or NW-Designs.com

    or NWDesignsforyou.com

    I'll shut up now.

  3. wardendesigns.com is available

    so is


  4. Hiya,
    As for the feed question: you're safe. It appears you are still using Blogger to host your blog, and your FeedBurner feed is still connected.

    As you'll notice, this post appears in your FeedBurner feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheChroniclesOfASahm

    Warning to other bloggers: this doesn't work the same in all cases. Switching from some blogging sites to self-hosting can often require you to do some tricks to keep your subscribers. One way to make switching easy, is to start using FeedBurner as soon as possible - then when you switch, you can log into FeedBurner and change the source of that feed (ie: the URL where your blog's feed would otherwise be) and all your subscribers will get automagically updated since they're just subscribed to the FeedBurner feed anyway.

    Hope that wasn't too confusing! :)

  5. Thanks Sean. I was wondering about this too. I'm finding the services that add a link to my last post to comments need to have my old blogspot address or I'm SOL. Wonder what else is broken since I went .com too?

  6. designsbynw.com

    You catch my drift. ;)
    Good luck!

  7. Looks like everyone else pretty much has you covered in the name department.

    Since I'm not ready to switch to my new blog, I set up a second feed for it, but once I make the switch, I'll probably just use the one that everyone is subscribed to...

    Of course, I'm leaving blogger, so my situation is a bit different.

  8. Congrats on dotcomming yourself! I've been thinking about it too.

  9. Way cool, congrats!

    I can't think of any better than have already been suggested, sorry. I personally like Naomi's the best, and lookit that, they are still available. :)

  10. since they've already got you covered, can you get your readers to find ME a name. My blog is lame. :o)

    congrats on your Dot Com

  11. Hey Sean...thanks for answering the feed question! Yay, I'm safe:)

  12. Yeay, congrats!

    designsbynw.com ?

  13. You are a rockstar blog goddess! I've been looking to make the leap to my own URL (or URLs) as the case may be. Good for you!

  14. oh naomi beat me to it!! but...does it HAVE to have nap warden or nw in your name?

  15. 40winksdesigns.com
    ok...i'm done.

  16. It looks like you are still on my reader. So that worked out.

    I still can't see anything you write with NW and not think "North West" so it doesn't surprise me that you couldn't get those web addresses.

  17. This is awesome. And I'm still thinking about your business plan...

  18. I still got your feed here! I initially go to NorthWest in my mind as well, might be nice to incorporate the napwarden in there!

  19. You lost me at .com.

    I think using the actual Nap Warden in the .com would bring more personality to your address... And NW does sound like a direction...

  20. you go, girl! all grown up and everything!

    i agree that you should put napwarden in your design name, unless you are expanding beyond blogs and want to seem more "professional-like."

    designsbynw would be an alternative to that.

  21. Are Right change is good, sorry someone already got your spot on the .com...

  22. CONGRATS! How annoying about the design site though.

  23. All right - you are moving up in the techie world!

    On the names - leave out the underscore and dashes - people don't remember those. And NW is way too generic... Even though it's a bit long to type, I think your best bet is napwardendesigns.com, unless you're willing to spend a lot of money and energy on renaming and rebranding yourself. Not that you asked! :)

  24. Congratulations! I switched to my own domain a few months ago and it feels good to OWN your piece of the world wide web!

    I like napwardendesigns.com if that is available!

  25. Sorry, I've been horribly busy as of late. If you have any tech questions, be sure to let me know. Leave me a comment or send me an email. A second opinion can be useful...and I'm cheap :-)


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