I'm Walkin'...

Check out The Little Man!!! He has been busy, busy, busy...doing laps around the couch! My, my, we are going to have to get you a pair of running shoes! As if my hands weren't full enough already;) Good work Little Man!!!


  1. CONGRATS! walking is SO HUGE. and life will never be the same. guard the stairs with your life!

  2. wow - he is sooooo cute. i love how the arms are out and flailing for balance.

    speaking from experience, be prepared to be tired on a whole new level.

  3. Go little man!

    Yep. Life is gonna be very busy for you now mama. ;)

  4. I know, what am I going to do with TWO walkers???

  5. That's wonderful! Yea! Little Man.

    Yep, you're going to have your hands full!


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